Researchers throughout the world have established that honey can reduce the buildup of plaque in the mouth. The research conducted could encourage people to think about eating honey regularly in order to maintain oral hygiene. Before people embark on such a journey, they will do well to understand that they must follow certain rules without which they could find themselves in trouble. They can certainly go ahead and choose to eat manuka honey every day provided; they can lay their hands on a product, which is authentic. In all other cases, they are advised caution, the reasons of which are provided below.

One of the reasons why people should refrain from taking such actions is because most products available in the market are either processed or refined. It must be understood that these varieties are likely to cause more harm than any good and would damage not just that the teeth but also other parts of the body. These products will never offer the same benefits as high-quality manuka honey can do.

One of the major components in honey is fructose, which compounds approximately 70 to 80% of the product. This component when taken in excessive quantities can worsen conditions, especially for people who are dependent on insulin and damage the body. Studies must be connected to understand that every teaspoon of honey contains nearly 4 g of fructose. People are advised not to consume more than 25 g of this component everyday if they suffer from problems of elevated insulin, hypertension, diabetes, high blood cholesterol or obesity. It can definitely be used in moderate quantities but excluding the dosage recommended can prove harmful.

It is also essential to understand that physicians generally use medical grade honey when dealing with injuries or wounds of any kind. People using manuka honey to prevent cavities in their mouth are advised to use it as a topical application on the teeth or on any wounds they may have developed.

This product certainly can prevent cavities. However, it is essential that people look for products, which are guaranteed as safe and can be used without any fear of side effects. It is also necessary to purchase a product which has been made in totally hygienic conditions because any contamination within the product will not be beneficial to people. Finding high-grade manuka honey to prevent cavities and improve oral hygiene is not difficult and people can definitely find the products they want. However, they will have to conduct some research before they can lay their hands on 100% pure natural manuka honey.