The market for dietary supplements is by large unregulated because the FDA does not allow such products to be classified as authentic. These are products that are made from 100% natural ingredients and depend upon historical facts to prove their potency. The FDA believes that any product, which is sold on the market, must be invented and tested in laboratories before it can be approved for public consumption. Dietary supplements made from nature can not be invented in a laboratory and therefore, lag behind in obtaining approval from the Premier regulating body of the country. However, this has not stopped a number of products from becoming popular. One of them that is gaining a large following is a supplement made from deer antler velvet.

When the product was introduced it was in the news for all the wrong reasons. Athletes who wanted to increase their stamina and endurance used it, and this led to the belief that it could be a performance enhancer. Some sports bodies condemned the supplement believing that it could be similar to the steroids that were popular among people involved in athletics. It was only on April 30, 2013 that the ban was revoked after the authorities found that it was a natural supplement, which would increase a growth hormone called insulin-like growth factor 1 within the body. This was the component that allowed athletes to perform better and recover faster.

As news about how people involved in athletics were taking advantage of a natural supplement to boost their energy spread around citizens across the country also started noticing the product and began looking out for deer antler velvet supplements. They soon became popular and is today being bought after by average citizens who find themselves wanting to do better in life.

The supplement was not just produced for the benefit of those that wanted to make a living out of sporting activity. It can provide a number of benefits to the human body and is classified as one of the best dietary supplements that is currently available. People using the product are finding it useful to deal with a host of conditions that affect them in everyday life. They are able to improve their stamina apart from getting the ability to perform better in all walks of life. The fact that the product comes from an industry, which is not regulated by the FDA, has not stopped people from looking at the product and using it to good effect. They have understood that it is safe to use and will not cause any harm to them. It also continues to be used by athletes who consider it as a better alternative to steroids or drugs, which they were earlier using.