It looks like everywhere we turn, there's a different type of energy supplement being sold. You have drinks, foods, gum, candy, and even aromatherapy strips that are suppose to give you instant energy. With so many things out on the market, how are we able to distinguish the good from the bad? Even more importantly, how are we suppose to know what's actually safe for us from what is not?

Most supplements are either loaded with caffeine or sugar, or else they contain some other supplement that may cause us potential harm. Then you have those that advertise as all natural, that is until you check out the ingredients and realize that they have “other” ingredients in them.

Now we have the advent of these new super products, that are loaded with every herb and mineral on the planet. Yet many companies promise miraculous things, while only a few deliver. Although some are excellent, the problem is that these products can cost an arm and a leg, and some of us do not have the money too become dependent around the product. So the next best things is going to the root of the source, the herbs themselves. It becomes more cost effective and convenient.

Why the herbal route?

The main reason is this, most conventional drinks and shots are a quick fix, a temporary solution to a permanent problem. So by going the herbal route, you're helping your body align itself, and you're creating and restoring balance within. Many of the problems that we have stem from ailments, some are minute and others very serious. So by utilizing herbs we treat the condition on a different level. I'm not saying teas and things of that nature are a permanent resolution. But what I am saying is that you may find a long term relief solution to your problems.


Like with any medication or over the counter drug you may take. You have to practice caution when supplementing with herbal products. Some may cause problems because of current medications you may be on. If you are on some kind of medication, be sure to consult a medical professional, and find out if it's OK for you too being taking the supplement you're choosing.

If you suffer from allergies, be sure to see if the herb you're planning on taking is OK for you too take. Remember that herbal supplements may take a long period of time too see and feel the benefits. Others offer relief and benefits in a very short amount of time. Practice patience and positivity while taking an herbal supplement.