Dimethylamylamine is a stimulant that is also known as DMAA, it is commonly used in popular pre-workout supplements such as BPI Sports 1.MR DMAA took the world by storm in early years, as it claimed to increase energy, increase the metabolism for weight loss, increase concentration and offer the potential for a high level workout intensity.

While DMAA met it's claims, it also had some adverse side effects that have lead to the deaths of 2 men in the army and over 80 hospital reports of negative side effects from it's supplementation. Such negative side effects include: seizures, brain hemorrhages, heat injuries from over-heating, rapid heart beats, increased blood pressure and irregular heart beats.

Some of the most common side effects reported in medical journals regarding DMAA is increased blood pressure and irregular heart beats. These conditions can be life threatening and should not be taken lightly. They become a larger concern especially when using a pre-workout supplement that contains DMAA right before a workout. As both side effects are related to the heart, putting more pressure on the heart through a vicious workout can put the user at further risk of injury and potential death.

Even more importantly if you have high blood pressure, you should not take pre-workout supplements containing this stimulant, such as the old version of 1.MR (One More Rep) By BPI Sports and USP Labs jack3d version one to three. These types of products should also be avoided by anyone who has heart problems or health concerns in general.

DMAA has been clinically proven to be unsafe, and this has been noted by the FDA (US Foods and Drug Administration) and many other countries around the world such as Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil and the United Kingdom. All of which have marked DMAA as a prescription only drug, which can not be sold “over the counter”.

This has made it very clear that caution should come to anyone currently using pre-workout supplies containing DMAA. If you do any longer versions of BPI Sports 1.MR that does not contain DMAA, it should be thrown away immediately.

The most popular pre-workout supplement companies such as BPI Sports have withdrawn the sale and production of their DMAA containing pre-workouts such as the old version of 1.MR Newer and safer pre-workout supplements have now been brought to the supplement market including the new and improved 1.MR by BPI Sports, which is a pre-workout supplement that no longer contains any DMAA. 1.MR contains a new blend of ingredients that has been research thoroughly and has been proven to increase energy, stamina, muscle pumps and intensity of a workout. It was remade to cater to the masses of people who wanted to use a quality supplement without risking their lives. 1.MR is so effective that many people around the world are saying it is much better then the previous version. It is claimed that you receive the same benefits from using DMAA but without the serious health problems. It is a safe supplement to use that delivers amazing results and no DMAA.

1.MR is so strong that it should only be used on training days before the gym. All it takes is one scoop of the 1.MR powder with water or another beverage of your choice, and you will be set to go. Use this supplement for pure energy and watch how much your workouts improve. This product gives a huge boost in strength, energy, stamina, and overall workout intensity. There is no better pre-workout supplement to use that can offer all that 1.MR offers with such little risk to your health. 1.MR was recreated to make the body healthy and not to harm it.

There are many reviews for this product that can vouch for the results that are claimed to have been received after using 1.MR The reviews are from people who claim to have experienced high levels of energy and even better stamina while using 1.MR There are no signs of any medical concerns coming from the people who have purchased the newer version of 1.MR The new version of 1.MR by BPI Sports is safe and an extremely effective pre-workout supplement designed to prepare the body for a great workout to come.