Honey has been used from the 19th century to treat a number of conditions affecting the human body. It was not until the latter part of the century that it was discovered that honey also had natural antibacterial qualities. Honey can protect against damage that is caused by bacteria. It also stimulates production of special cells within the body that can repair the damage caused by infections and other problems. This component has an action which is termed as anti-inflammatory and can quickly reduce pain and inflammation upon being applied on the affected area.

This information can lead people to believe that all honey which is available in the market is the same. Unfortunately, this is not true because the antibacterial quality of the honey depends upon several factors. The time of harvesting, when it was harvested and how the harvesting took place play an important role in determining whether this component is dominant or not. There are some products, which are confirmed as being 100% more powerful than the others. Let us look at the variety that is confirmed as the better product in the market.

Manuka Honey is not only termed being 100% more powerful than other products but is also known as one of nature's best foods. It has powerful antibacterial properties, which can not be found in other products that are available. All varieties of honey available in the market have antibacterial properties but they are known not to be stable and lose most of their effects when being harvested. On the contrary, manuka honey is more stable in the antibacterial properties it contains. Moreover, when it is harvested correctly it becomes one of nature's best cleansers and natural boosters for the human body. It contains non-peroxide activity, which is also referred to as NPA and is reputed to be the talk of the world as a number of companies have attempted to harness its power.

In order to benefit from this powerful competent the product has to be sourced from the only place where it is harvested. Today it can be said that a number of manufacturers would be trying to sell products under this brand name by using techniques to manufacture the same by adulterating other varieties. It must be understood that such products do not contain the potency seen in the original. Therefore, people must be careful when looking for Manuka Honey and look for the best product available before buying the same. Any mistake in this regard will only prove disastrous to the purchasers.