A lot of people are interested in supplements. It's a trillion dollar industry worldwide. But there's so many of them, thousands even. so how do you know which ones are the best and which ones are right for you? Through the right people of course. Through the help of triathlete, Dave Sherwin and Dr. Kepo'o, they helpe narrow it down to the most beneficial ones. Dave Sherwin, has been competing in the national championship and has been exposed to so many different supplements being offered to him to try and have personal experiences with them. Dr. Kepo'o on the other hand is an amazing doctor and he's treated a lot of patients in his entire career. He's also been helping and prescribing supplements to help his patients stay healthy. Both Dave and Dr. Kepo'o are experts in supplements and their tips can there be trusted.

Here are the 4 phenomenal dietary supplements.

1. Probiotics – to begin with, Dr. Kepo'o named probiotics as “can not live without supplement”. You can buy it in health stores but the best way is by making them yourself from Kefir. When Dave discovered this, he regularly take them and noticed huge difference in his digestion among its many other benefits.

2. X2O xtreme water – we all know that the second most important thing that we need as human is water, which is next to air. In this area, Dave highly recommend this product. He's been taking X20 for 8 years now and has helped him whenever he's competing, training or even in his normal daily activities. It has so many benefits to boast, like:

1. It makes the water more hydrating
2. It has an alkalizing effect in the body
3. It contains ionic form minerals that our body needs.

You just add this tea bag like X20 into the water and voila, you can get all those benefits right away. It will make your water wetter, alkalized, and it's mineral infused. Imagine, you get all these in just one sachet and your quality water will be absorbed 80-90% every time.

3. Focus-Up – next we have something for the brain too. We grow up to sipping coffee as our pick-me-up drink every morning. But this supplement called Focus up is an all natural, no added sugar or artificial colorings or flavors type of energy drink. It is healthier than coffee. It stimulates the brain and gives you 3-4 hours of natural energy and focus.

4. Arginine – Last, but certainly not the least, a cardio health supplement called arginine. You can get arginine naturally by eating meat and a variety of foods we eat. However, if you take additional 5 to 10 grams of Arginine each day, you are doing your heart a huge favor. Not only does it take care of your heart and cardiovascular health, but it also increases oxygen to the extremities. Many bodybuilders take Arginine before their workout because it brings oxygen to the muscles in a natural way. Another famous benefit of Arginine among men is that it also helps with impotence problems because it takes care of the cardiovascular system. In fact Arginine has been nick-named the new Viagra. Now, when it comes to cholesterol issues, Arginine also plays a huge role in lowering cholesterol.

There are so many benefits that you can get from Probiotics, X2O xtreme water, Focus up and Arginine. These are phenomenal supplements that people must try and are highly recommended by people who are actually taking them and experience their notable results.