Let's just say that without amino acids supplements, your muscle-building efforts can go to waste – catabolic waste that is. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and protein is what you need a lot of if you are to gain muscle mass and are the result of protein breaking down in the body and are then dispensed to serve different purposes.

There are around 20 to 22 amino acids known to man but only 8 to 10 of them are considered essential, or those that you need to get from an outside source, specifically from food because they are not naturally manufactured by the body. This is one reason why bodybuilders are encouraged to add amino acid supplements to their stacks because not only will this help in their muscle-building endeavors, it also gives them their much-needed protein to make sure they do not suffer muscle breakdowns during training.

Amino acids specifically take care of cell growth, muscle strength and muscle repair. They aid in muscle contracting and maintaining proper water balance and also promote the healing of torn muscles. Also, when you go on a diet regimen, you can experience a catabolic crisis that can lead to muscle breakdown because you take only a certain amount of calories due to the fact that you need to maintain or lose a certain amount of weight.

Basically, the more weight you lose, the more muscle mass you are also likely to lose as the body tries harder and harder to hold on to its fat stores and in so doing, will turn to the muscles to get that much-needed energy. Muscle loss also occurs when the body increases protein breakdown to use up more amino acids for fuel and further compounding this would be the fact that protein synthesis also decrees due to reduced energy intake because they are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and require no digestion especially when you take them in supplement form.

This is where the benefits of amino acid supplements come in. Branched chain amino acids in particular play a very fundamental role here because not only do they stimulate protein synthesis but also reduces the rate of protein breakdown. They also increase your intensity and enthusiasm for your workouts because they decrease the effects of trytophan which can make your serotonin levels rise as well as increase the sensation of fatigue.

On the other hand, among the essential amino acids a bodybuilder needs to have, the following are what they require most if they are to get far ahead in their muscle-building efforts: histidine, to improve digestion, lysine to help the body recover and combat fatigue and overtraining, phenylalanine to keep you focused and motivated during training, methionine for better fat stabilization, threonine for better protein absorption, glutamine for the preservation of muscle mass and arginine to enhance the immune system.

Among the non-essential amino acids that benefits bodybuilders the most, carnitine is the best because it increases ATP for those short bursts of energy during training and minimizes fat buildup around the muscles. This is especially helpful if you want to gain lean muscle mass and is not recommended for competitive bodybuilders because it may impair the anabolic environment and affect your muscle growth.

Bodybuilding supplements are not merely there to complement your muscle-building efforts. They are also there to keep you healthy and strong enough to keep up with the demands of your sport and make sure you do not lose out and put all your efforts to waste. Make sure you get only reputable supplement brands from equally reputable stores both online and off so that your body is not the only one to benefit but your pockets as well.