These days one can observe a number of people talking about propolis and how they have benefited by using this supplement. In most cases people hear about the product, make a few inquiries and begin using it without really understanding what it contains. People are not doing themselves any harm by choosing to take this product. However, they are making the mistake of ignoring some information, which will help them better. Let us understand what propolis is and how it can help every individual who decides to take it.

This is a material which looks like resin and is found in the buds of cone bearing trees and the poplar. The resin is rarely found in the purest form and is generally obtained from beehives. This indicates that it also contains other bee products.

The medicinal use of propolis was first recorded from ancient times. Propolis was used by the Greeks and the Egyptians to treat a number of conditions. It is believed that propolis contains a number of properties, which can prove helpful to humans. Therefore, research to understand how it can benefit humans is ongoing.

Propolis is used as a treatment for canker sores and other infections caused by bacteria. The most common among the infections are colds, flu, swine flu and other problems, which are caused by bacteria. People are known to apply propolis directly on the skin to clean wounds and other injuries which they may have picked up. It is also used as a topical application to deal with problems like genital herpes.

Producers marketing this product have also found uses for the same in cosmetics that are taken out by large numbers of people.

Propolis seems to be active against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is believed that it also has anti-inflammatory properties and can make the skin heal faster.

Promoters of some brands have even stated that it can be used as an effective treatment against nose and throat cancer, cancer sores and tuberculosis. However, the medical fraternity claims that more research needs to be connected before any decision in this regard can be confirmed. History has confirmed that propolis is indeed a product which can prove extremely helpful when trying to deal with common infections, inflammation and problems with the skin. The product has no side effects or any record of interactions with other medications that people could be taking.

This is information that people should be looking forward to gathering before making a decision about taking propolis supplements for their benefits.