Are You Getting Heparin Sodium From A Traceable Source?

Heparin Sodium, the organic compound classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the most essential drugs in the medical industry, is one of the most highly demanded drugs through the world. Injections and viles derived from it are widely used during surgeries as a blood thinner or anticoagulant. Being such a critical compound in the world of medicine, it's essential to ensure that it's safe and reliable for use in humans. Getting heparin sodium from a trusted source has thus been emphasized by major medical authorities throughout the world.

How is heparin sodium derived?

It is present naturally in the mucosal tissues of animals. A significant proportion of global demand for heparin is met through bovine tissues of hogs and cows. Crude, it is derived after extensive processing of the raw mucosal tissues, which is then further processed to make liquid vials safe for administration in humans. Heparin Sodium has the highest negative charge density among the known biological molecules, because of which it functions as one of the most reliable anticoagulants.

Why is Heparin Sodium so important?

The human blood is highly prone to clotting with its exposure to the air. While clots forming on the outside help to control wounds, the same process can be very harmful to the inner body as it can block arteries and even damage organs. Especially during surgeries, surgeons need to be even more careful in ensuring that clots are not formed in the patient's body, which is where Heparin Sodium comes to use. The compound is administered to humans intravenously.

Essential for labs and equipments

This is one of the most important chemicals required for a biological or a pathological laboratory. The anticoagulation property of the compound makes it very capable and reliable for use with test tubes so as to keep samples safe. It is also one of the major chemicals used in the renal dialysis machines.

Why heparin has to be bought from a traceable source

As an absolutely crucible drug, heparin sodium that is destined to be used inside human bodies must be free from contamination or impurities. This is strictly why quality control standards are supposedly to be extremely high for Heparin Sodium manufacturers. The manufacturers extract the compound using state-of-the-art technology so as to ensure that the product is safe and of the best quality. Contaminated Heparin that was purchased from unlicensed manufacturers was found to be one the reason behind multiple deaths in the US in the recent past. Thus, even the legal regulations of today oblige drug manufacturers to buy the compound only from a traceable source.

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Q&A About Synthetic and Natural Vitamins

Synthesis chemistry is broadly applied to various aspects like drug discovery. With the technology, many rarely found and precious ingredients can be delivered to meet the medication needs, together synthesis can also help to make theoretical substance appear in real life to facilitate studies and researches, which is of great significance in developing novel drugs for diseases . Vitamins are the most common supplements taken daily, and for cheaper cost and convenience, there are many vitamins made by the way of synthesis. Below some Q & A about synthetic vitamins are listed.

What's the main difference between synthetic and natural vitamins?
Natural vitamins derived from food by extraction are much more expensive than synthetic vitamins as more raw materials are involved, while synthetic vitamins are developed in laboratories by imitating the routes of the natural ones with chemicals.

What are isolated vitamins?
Isolated vitamins refer to synthetic vitamins, because they lack some connections like co-factors to trigger the function presented by natural vitamins and can not be valued by the body in the same way of natural ones but need the assistance of other substances.

Is there any difference between the effect of synthetic and natural vitamins?
The answer is yes. Synthetic vitamins are made by mimicking the route of the natural ones, so they can not be totally same both in contents and function. It's hard to claim that one is better than the other as they are good at different aspects. But attention should be paid when take fat soluble vitamins like the vitamin A, D, E, K as they are more likely to deposit in fat rich spots in the body like liver, and a high dose of such synthetic vitamins may be toxic because of the high purity.

How to distinguish extracted vitamins from the synthetic ones?
Typically, the vitamins are synthetic ones if there is dl before the name or -acid, -ide after the name. A majority of vitamin supplements are synthesized, but taking them under the doc's guide can bring improvement to the condition caused by deficiency and no adverse effect will be posed.

Synthesis chemistry broadly exists in drugs; it contributed a lot to drug discovery, and still does. Without it, many drugs can not be available or so cheap to be accessed. Have more vegetables, fruits and other food that contain various vitamins to decrease the needs of supplement vitamins if worry is still held for synthetic vitamins.

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Turmeric: The Yellow Golden Miracle Herb

“TURMERIC: The Golden Wonder Herb” a great book by Taryn Forrelli ND and “TURMERIC: The Ayurvedic Spice of Life” written by Prashanti de Jager MS, both books tell us in detail what a wonderful herb turmeric is. You may call it a spice too. It grows like ginger and potatoes under the ground. It is broadly grown all over India. It looks like ginger, but smaller and thinner in size. It comes from the ginger family. It looks orange when freshly peeled, but is mostly discharged and ground into powder. While grinding, we add a few drops of oil (making sure it does not scatter). After drying, it looks yellow and this is the reason we call it yellow turmeric. I call it a miracle healer from the kitchen. It is also known as Curcuma Longa in Latin. This is the only one spice which has been most researched by several scientists for its medical properties and ancient remedies. Now finds tell us turmeric can heal any disease. This wonderful root helps to cleanse the body and as a preventive to stay healthy always. Fresh turmeric is also used as a pro-biotic.

Turmeric, in India, is a common spice and every family uses this beneficial herb in everyday cooking. Here in the US, most of the Indian community uses turmeric every day and it is always available in the kitchen. Our records in India say, this yellow golden turmeric has the highest level of anti-inflammatory agent and people have been using it over 6,000 years as a blood purifier, relief of aches and pain, skin diseases, cleansing urinal tract, cuts and open wounds , and common colds.

This has been one of the most ancient remedies like ginger and garlic. Even now in modern time, I believe that 70% people of India, who live in villages and small towns, still use turmeric for many ailments. I remember when we were little, my brother came home with some blood on his leg and foot. My mom scooped up some turmeric powder from the kitchen immediately, put it on the wound and press down with her thumb for a minute. Later when the blood stopped she put more turmeric, a piece of cotton and bandaged. This did the job!

There are several Ayurvedic doctors in India, who treat people with herbs, spices, yoga, Pranayama, and meditation in the villages as well as in the big cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. In fact, many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, high-level business people and dignitaries, now prefer to go to Nature Cure doctors for their mental and physical problems because they are sick and tired of present injurious drugs and doctors who have just one aim of minting money and have no relationship with the patients. In most of the villages, there are no medical professionals available, but there are Hakeem, who are popular for their Natural Healing methods and remedies. The public trusts them because they get people cured.

Turmeric root is so beneficial we can use it regularly as a preventative to help ourselves from the horrible disorders such as: influenza, colds, virus, allergies, arthritis pain, Alzheimer's disease, heart problems, cancer, and urinal tract and detoxifying the body.

I buy a quarter pound of raw turmeric root and wash it thoroughly with a brush. Make a paste in the blender with 2 oz water, bottle and refrigerate it. I swallow half a teaspoon of this paste first thing in the morning and avoid getting sick. Let me tell you, winter is approaching and it brings allergies and many unpleasing problems with it and you do not want to suffer. It's taste is neither bitter nor sour or tangy. It is not peppery hot. In fact, it is bland and a little pungent.

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Mitigating the Silent Unfolding Tragedy

Sharing is caring so the saying goes, and it makes it all the more worthy when it helps even just a single soul. I will spare you the lurid details but I need to mention what got me so interested in the medical conditions now commonly referred to as non-communicable diseases. In 1996 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and treated it for two years before I learned of a better way of managing it. I had lived with ulcers for over twenty three years and early this year found a way of finally solving the problem. My father had heart disease, diabetes and succumbed to kidney failure in 2001. My mother had heart disease, diabetes, ulcers and succumbed to cancer in 2010. My curiosity was naturally raised by the realization that these events were not purely coincidental. I share this now because more than ever I believe that there is a simple and sustainable solution that the world needs and needs immediately.

Non-communicable disease refers to a medical condition or disease that is non-infectious or non-transmissible . It can refer to chronic diseases which last for long periods of time and progress slowly. Sometimes, they result in rapid deaths such as seen in certain diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancers, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, cataracts and others.

Statistics from Wikipedia indicate that non communicable diseases are the leading cause of death globally. In 2012 they caused 68% of all deaths (38 million) up from 60% in 2000. About half were under age 70 and half were women. Risk factors such as a person's background, lifestyle and environment increase the likelihood of certain non-communicable diseases. Every year, at least 5 million people die because of tobacco use and about 2.8 million die from being overweight. High cholesterol accounts for roughly 2.6 million deaths and 7.5 million die because of high blood pressure. Risk factors such as a person's background; lifestyle and environment are known to increase the likelihood of certain non-communicable diseases. They include age, gender, genetics, exposure to air pollution, and behaviors such as smoking, unhealthy diet and physicalactivity which can lead to hypertension and obesity, in turn leading to increased risk of many non-communicable diseases. Most non-communicable diseases are considered preventable because they are caused by modifiable risk factors and this is the crux of this article. The WHO's World Health Report 2002 identified five important risk factors for non-communicable disease in the top ten leading risks to health. These are elevated blood pressure, raised cholesterol, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and overweight. The other factors associated with higher risk of NCDs include a person's economic and social conditions, also known as the “social determinants of health”. It has been estimated that if the primary risk factors were eliminated, 80% of the cases of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes and 40% of cancers could be preceded. Interventions targeting the main risk factors could have a significant impact on reducing the burden of disease worldwide. Efforts focused on better diet and increased physical activity have been shown to control the prevalence of non-communicable diseases.

I include these statistics to emphasize the magnitude of the problem and also as a pointer to the solution hidden out there in broad daylight light!

Let's look at a few of these conditions and see the links.

Diabetes mellitus type 1 is a form of diabetes mellitus that results from the autoimmune destruction of the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. The subsequent lack of insulin leads to increased blood and urine glucose. What causes this autoimmune destruction of the beta cells?

It is known that a number of lifestyle factors are known to be important to the development of diabetes mellitus 2 including: obesity, physical activity, diet, stress, and urbanization. Excess body fat underlies 64% of cases of diabetes in men and 77% of cases in women. A number of dietary factors such as sugar sweetened drinks and the type of fat in the diet appear to play a role.

Most cancers are related to environmental, lifestyle, or behavioral exposures. Common environmental factors that contribute to cancer death include tobacco (according to one estimate, accounting for 25-30% of deaths), diet and obesity (30-35%), infections (15-20%), radiation (both ionizing and non -ionizing, up to 10%), stress, lack of physical activity, and environmental pollutants.

Gout is a medical condition caused by elevated levels of uric acid in the blood. The uric acid crystallizes, and the crystals deposit in joints, tendons, and surrounding tissues. The increase is believed to be due to increasing risk factors in the population, such as metabolic syndrome, longer life expectancy, and changes in diet. Gout was historically known as the “disease of kings” or “rich man's disease.”

I would like to explore the role of blood in all these conditions. Blood is vital as it carries nutrients to the cells in all parts of the body. The blood is supposedly to be strong, healthy blood, with the blood cells separated so they can get through narrow spaces and keep the body oxygenated. When the blood is unhealthy, it's all clumped together making it hard to pass through the capillaries. If the blood is not working properly, it causes problems to all parts of the body resulting in some of the non-communicable diseases. But how does this happen? Well, there are a few reasons. These include:

  • Negative thoughts and stress
  • Poor Diet
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Infections
  • E-Smog (Electromagnetic radiation eg cell phones)

What causes your blood to stick together? Blood sticks together because of what is referred to as pH which is short for the potential of hydrogen. It is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of our body's fluids and tissues. It is measured on a scale from 0 to 14. The more acidic a solution is, the lower its pH. The more alkaline, the higher the number is. When the body is too acidic, blood starts to clump together causing all sorts of problems. The good thing is that it's easy to fix. You just need to adjust your diet to include more foods that are alkaline and less foods that are acidic.

Blood clumping together is one reason the circulatory system does not function properly causing all sorts of problems. The other real reason the circulatory system gets clogged is because the walls of the vessels get damaged.

When the blood vessel wall gets damaged, the body automatically produces cholesterol to patch up the damaged area. Just like you would use plaster to fix a hole in the wall. Over time, the body adds more and more cholesterol to make sure the blood vessels does not tear. This contributions to the clogging of the blood vessels. If the blood vessels are blocked completely, the result is a heart attack or stroke. So high cholesterol is not only from eating a high fat diet although this definitely aggravates the situation. The body is actually creating the cholesterol to patch up damaged vessels. This is necessary only when your circulatory system is weak and needs constant patching.

So what causes your blood vessels to weaken? Linus Pauling is one of the greatest scientists that ever lived. In fact, he holds 48 honorary Ph.D.'s and is the world's only 2 time unshared Nobel Prize laureate. Linus Pauling along with his colleague Mattias Rath, discovered the true cause of heart disease in 1989. The cause is interestingly vitamin C deficiency . This is a vitamin our bodies are unable to produce. Vitamin C is very important to keep the blood vessels strong. And when you do not get enough through your diet, your blood vessels start to weaken and your body needs to make cholesterol to patch things up.

Another vital component in cardiovascular health is nitric oxide, a compound that our bodies can actually produce. Problem is when the body can not produce enough. Nitric oxide is the compound responsible for triggering the dosage of blood vessels to maintain healthy blood flow through the system. Dr. Louis J. Ignarro won the Nobel Prize in medicine for his discovery of the importance of nitric oxide to the cardiovascular system. He actually strongly believes we can reverse cardiovascular damage with nitric oxide.

So we can keep our bodies alkaline by eating fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. We can provide vitamin C to keep our vessels strong and healthy by eating fresh fruit daily and we can ensure adequate production of nitric acid by our bodies by including certain amino acids that convert to nitric oxide in the body in our diet daily. In this way we would ensure that the circulatory system performs its functions efficiently and effectively.

Considering the realities of life as it is, is it practical to have all the fresh fruits and vegetables that would adequately provide these nutrients on a daily basis for the whole family? Not likely. We could utilize the various supplements available on the market. True but again we would need so many packages of the various supplements to meet the nutritional demands of the whole family. Yet there is a portent, practical and sustainable solution.

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Boost Metabolism – Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a natural nutriment for most diet programs because it is contained in meats, poultry, sea food, eggs and milk products. It includes a lot of health advantages that vary from the generation of strong red blood cells to the control of metabolism. There are numerous people who have a scarcity of B12 because of eating habits or other causes. People who are vegetarians are the most former to a Vitamin B12 insufficiency because it does not occur in plant form. Vitamin B12 dietary supplements are favored by people who are trying to shed weight. This is because it is easy to boost your metabolism with B12 tablets for healthy weight reduction.

By increasing your metabolism, you increase the number of calories your system uses up through all of the hours of the day. By burning up those extra calories, you start to lose a greater portion of your body fat stores and with time you shed weight in a wholesome way.

• Take Vitamin B12 tablets with a good meal along with a glass of water for optimum digestive function and assimilation.

• Take a B-complex vitamin with your B12 tablets. Just like the majority of vitamins, B12 does not operate in a vacuum. It is more effective if coupled with other vitamins. In this instance, you may also think about a B-complex supplement to be used together with your B12 tablets to boost your metabolism.

• Boost energy via B12 dietary supplements. Among the primary features of Vitamin B12 is that it boosts energy. Vitamin B12 tablets or a B12 injection is utilized by quite a number of doctors to help deal with chronic fatigue syndrome. Because of this greater energy, you do not feel really lethargic during the day but will move quicker. You might be more ready to hit the fitness center to use up calories and maximize your metabolism.

• Work out to boost your metabolism after the exercise has ended. The energy you acquire via the appropriate consumption of Vitamin B12 tablets will power your exercises. Together with the calories you burn off when working out, your system will enjoy elevated metabolism for many hours after the exercise has ended.

• Have a morning meal. It is vital that you consume a wholesome morning meal shortly after getting up each morning. If you fail to have breakfast, then your system goes into what is called starvation mode. It tends to gather calories into body fat stores instead of making use of them for energy. Therefore you will feel really lethargic at the same time as you are holding body fat and curbing your metabolism. It is smart to grab your B12 tablets with your morning meal to begin the morning with a higher metabolism.

• Consume plenty of water. Water is important to the control of your body's metabolism and for the assimilation of vitamins and nutrition. It is strongly recommended that you have eight glasses of fluid daily at eight ounces per glass. This should be spaced out uniformly during the day.

• Check the amount of B12 in the health supplement tablets you will be using. The suggested day-to-day allocation of vitamin B12 is 6 micrograms. The majority of B12 tablets are going to have this much or even more. However, it is always good to be sure.

• Remember that it requires more than utilizing Vitamin B12 tablets to boost your metabolism. B12 dietary supplements need to be used along with a healthy diet, working out and fluids for the maximum impact.

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Important Facts About Vitamin E

A lot is said about vitamin E. In most cases, children; mostly less than five years of age, are given vitamin E supplements. Adults are not left out either. They too take vitamin E supplements whenever there is a need. So what is vitamin E and why is it so important? Vitamin E can be defined as a fat- soluble vitamin that is responsible for protecting cell membranes from damage. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and it prevails the oxidation of LCD cholesterol. It is actually a group of eight fat soluble compounds, four tecopherals and four tecotrienols. It is the alpha tecopherals that protects the cell membranes. It functions as an oxidant. It reacts with lipids, which are produced in the lipid peroxidation chain reaction to prevent oxidation from continuing.

Vitamin E is very important to the human body. It is responsible for boosting the immune system by preventing the oxidation that can lead to serious life threatening diseases like cancer and heart diseases. Vitamin E is responsible for maintaining skeletal and cardiac functions of the body. Selenium, iron, vitamin A and k are also very important and it is Vitamin E that helps in their storage. Vitamin E also assists in the formation of red blood cells.

It is not common for people to lack vitamin E but those at risk of vitamin E deficiency include people with genetic abnormalities, premature infants or those that have very low birth weight. People who have disorders of fat metabolism are also at risk. The condition is called isolated vitamin E deficiency that is caused by mutations in the gene for the tecopheral transfer protein. People with this condition have a very low ability to absorb vitamin E. Vitamin E deficiency causes changes in nerve membrane structure and these leads to nerve problems which is normally because of poor conduct of electrical impulses next to nerves.

Vitamin E deficiency can be treated. It is only done by giving supplements. Most people with Vitamin E deficiency go through aggressive vitamin E replacement therapy. Vitamin E is not just taken in any amounts. There is a recommended dose for children and adults. It is always advisable to seek medical help from a qualified medical professional before taking vitamin E supplements. Vitamin E supplements may interfere with the body's ability to clot blood, when taken in high doses.

Like is the case with many forms of medicines, be it oral or injectable, there are special considerations which is why it is never a good idea to just buy vitamin from chemists without any form of prescription. Vitamin E should be taken with meals containing fat and it loses its effectiveness when exposed to air. People who are on aspirins or any other form of medication like chemotherapy may have adverse effects when taking vitamin E. This is why the presence of a physician is important. With the help of a medical professional one is able to get the right prescriptions regarding the amounts of vitamin E that he or she needs to take.

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5 Reasons To Consume Fat Burning Supplements

'But I do not need any sort of supplement to get rid of my fats; exercise should do the trick! '

I am sure this statement keeps running in your mind and jogging in your heart, but trust me, this is not what everyone has in their minds. I personally have a lot of friends, who spend several hours at the gym, but their efforts go in vain. This is where fat burning supplements come into the picture for those, who wish to lose weight.

If you are wondering why you would ever want to consume such a thing to get rid of your fats, following are the top five reasons that would convince you for the same:

  1. To kick off all those stubborn fats Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you are just not able to get rid of the stubborn fats. This is when you need supplements that help you kick off those fats, which do not leave your side for a long time. Do not worry – such powdered stuff may seem harmful to you at first, but they are not!
  2. To get in the desired shape We all have that dream figure or physique in our minds. If you want to see yourself in the mirror, just the way you imagine yourself in your mind, then it is time for you to introduce fat burning supplements in your daily life.
  3. To fit into your wedding gown If you are the would-be-bride, but are unable to kick off those ugly bat wings or fat thighs, then there is nothing that can help you, except for the right kind of powder, which helps in kicking flabbiness off your body. No matter how much you workout or sweat at the gym, you can not burn off the fats quickly. Thus, for special occasions, depending on substitutes is essential.
  4. To tone up your body Sometimes, you do not want to lose weight, but want to tone up your body. If you want to do that, but are unable to do so with all those aerobic tricks or Yoga Asana, then there is nothing else, but a nice supplement, which can help you get into the figure that you wish to.
  5. To avoid dieting I understand when you say that you do not want to diet; do not worry; thanks to supplements that help you kill those ugly fats on your body, you can simply avoid dieting and get into the desired shape with less efforts.

The next time you stand in front of the mirror and curse your figure, think of buying a nice supplement to burn those fats.

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Learning To Recognize The Best Fish Oil Supplement Reviews

The best fish oil supplement reviews? Is this a joke or not? I mean, if you want some fish oil supplements just go online and order some. Why even bother with reviews?

The truth of the matter is, when it comes to ordering fish oil supplements online, reviews can help you to avoid a lot of hassle, and they can save you a lot of money as well. Reviews can also help to ensure you buy supplements that actually do deliver the sort of results you're looking for.

The Good; the Bad, and the Ugly

Just like you get good and bad fish oil supplements, you also get good and bad fish oil reviews. What I mean here is that some reviews are really well written while others are not. This is particularly true when it comes to some brands which are only available via the internet.

Many online vendors run affiliate programs, and this in itself can give rise to fake reviews that are written by affiliates looking for commission. Affiliate marketers have every right to publish reviews, but their reviews should be unbiased, honest and factual. They should also make it clear to their audience that they are affiliated to the company who makes or sells the product they have reviewed.

You also get some review sites that are overwhelmingly dominated by scathing reviews. If you arrive at a site that is dominated by negative reviews, then my advice would be that you should look elsewhere for reviews of the product you're interested in.

If you visit a specific site in search of information about a particular fish oil supplement, and you notice the supplement is getting near perfect scores in each and every review, do not automatically think it must be a fantastic product. Before you make any decisions, first take a look at a few other product reviews on the same site. If all the other products are also getting glittering reviews, then try to compare some of them with similar reviews on a different site.

Ultimately, what you are looking for is balance. If reviews look too negative or too positive to be true, then they're probably not worth anything to you.

Using Supplement Reviews

My advice would be for you to single out a few different brands of fish oil supplements. Once you have done this, read through a few reviews of each one and see which of them consistently get the best reviews. Also, do not forget to pay some attention to things like customer service; refunds or returns; shipping and guarantees.

Well written fish oil supplement reviews should give the reader a clear picture of the supplement manufacturer. It should state how long the company has been operating for; it should mention what sort of fish oil is used in their capsules, and where the actual fish origin from.

A good review will also mention whether or not a company has a good reputation relating things like refunds. Remember, virtually all online suppliers say you can return goods if you are not 100% happy, but in many cases there are clauses hidden in the fine print which effectively prevent most people from qualifying for a refund.


Company reviews and product reviews can be incredibly helpful, but there are also many that can be very misleading; giving shoppers a false sense of security. Ideally, if you frequently search for product reviews, bookmark a few review sites that you trust and then just try to use those sites for researching products or companies.

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The Sweet Mystery of Black Garlic and Its Amazing Uses

An apparently ancient method of curing natural garlic is making its way into headlines across the world. Black garlic has more antioxidant properties and is without the strong odor of garlic in its most raw form. Black foods have long held our attention for their mystery and potency. This revelation in garlic's potential as a panacea in its black form is exciting.

Naturally Mature

The most intriguing element of black garlic is that the process of maturing it is entirely natural. No chemicals are added to it. In countries like South Korea, the method of being used for countless centuries and was largely unknown to the rest of the world. There's a specific 'treasure island' in South Korea, Namhae-gun, where conditions have proven perfect for maturation and the black garlic originating there is of the highest quality.

Healthier than Raw Garlic

Made from naturally grown, organic garlic and matured through a tested and tested process that denies the addition of any chemical additives, black garlic's fat-soluble allsine becomes water-soluble s-ally-cysteine. Garlic in its raw state – used traditionally to inhibit diseases of many kinds including diabetes, forms of cancer and neurological illnesses – does have some toxic effects. Aged garlic on the other hand, causes less irritation and removes these toxic effects altogether.

The Qualities of Aged Black Garlic

This alternative to raw garlic is the result of a simple and wholly natural maturation process. Possessing all the qualities inherent in fresh garlic, as well as a host of antioxidant and anti-aging properties, aged garlic has many healthful effects. Boosting the immune system, protecting the heart, preventing damage to the liver, preventing the growth of tumors and spread of malignancy, this pure and aged form of one of nature's greatest panaceas also exhibits anti-allergy properties.

A Closely Guarded Process

Surprisingly, the real secret to maturing garlic in this way remains as closely guarded as the secrets of scents that makers of fine perfumes protect. And it's likely there's good sense in obtaining black garlic from the original source. This 'treasure island' in South Korea's Namhae-gun, safeguards us against artificial processes that may include chemicals or additives and only give the appearance of the true panacea if produced elsewhere.

Black Garlic's Attractiveness

As an ingredient in high-end cuisine, the taste is mysteriously sweet and syrupy. Culinary experts are amazed by the versatility of aged garlic. Being completely without odor and with a flavor all its own, its individuality is being compared with truffles, licorice and vanilla. The recipe lists are growing as this exceptional delicacy becomes a household staple.

Healthful and Wholesome

Popular for its exceptionally high antioxidant qualities, and without any of the odor or side effects associated with raw garlic, we're learning that black garlic is definitely worth the wait. In a sweetly mysterious mix of the tangy garlic we know and sweeter undertones, softer garlic emerges from weeks of humid maturing to bring health and harmony to our plates.

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How Are Burpless Fish Oil Supplements Made?

I do not know about you, but for me, fish flavored burps were the main reason why I stopped taking these supplements a number of years ago. I had done my research and I was convinced that fish oil supplements would be good for me, but seriously, the burps that accompanied them were just too much for me.

I eat fish regularly and so does my family, but I can not recalls any of us having to deal with unpleasant burps as a result, so why, when I took these supplements, did I experience these burps? I mean, these were seriously nasty!

Why Do Fish Oil Supplements Make You Burp?

Contrary to what some manufacturers will tell you, fishy burps have nothing to do with the quality of the oil being used. Some companies insinuate that if your supplements make you burp it's because they have been made from poor quality oil. Trust me, this is just a marketing trick to try and get you to buy their particular brand of supplements.

FACT: Burping and / or flatulence are simply one of the side effects which some people may or may not experience after they take supplements. Fish oil is quite difficult for the body to digest, which in turn leads to a buildup of gas. In short, burps have absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the oil contained in your capsules.

Avoiding the Burp

If you are being plagued by unsustainable burps every time you take your supplements, there are four things you can do to try and ease your misery:

1. Smaller Doses – Rather than taking one large dose every day, try taking two, three, or even four smaller doses. The smaller your doses are, the less gas your body is likely to produce, which in turn minimizes the need to burp.

2. Take with Meals – Many people find that if they take their supplements with a meal they do not experience the dreaded fish flavored burp. This does not seem to work for everyone, but it's worth a try if your additions are making you burp every time you take them.

3. Store in the Freezer – There have been reports that claim you can avoid this side effect simply by storing fish oil supplements in the freezer. This can slow down the release of the oil inside your gut, which in turn means your body will not have to work as hard to digest it.

4. Change your Brand – Many capsules are designed to start releasing their contents the moment you have swallowed them. However, you also get supplements that have an enteric coating which effectively advances the oil from being released while inside your stomach. Instead, the oil is only released once it reaches your digestive tract. These types of supplements are often marked as “burpless fish oil supplements” or “time release supplements”.

Increased Bio-Availability

Enteric coatings also improve bioavailability because the oil contained in the capsules is essentially bypassing the harsh stomach environment where it would be partially destroyed by stomach acids. Instead, the oil is released directly into your digestive tract where it can then pass through the walls and into your system.

If you have only just started taking fish oil supplements for the first time and they are making you burp, it could just be that your body still needs to adapt. I have read that the burping often stop once your body gets used to the supplements.

Theoretically, you do not need omega-3 fatty acids in order to survive, but thousands of studies have clearly demonstrated how beneficial these fatty acids can be. Even the FDA has approved the use of omega-3 supplements to reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Omega-3 is also an excellent source of DHA which is crucial for proper brain development, since the reason why you will find that DHA is added to all baby formula, and yes, there is plenty of it in breast milk as well, providing that mothers are getting a sufficient amount of omega-3 in their diets.

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Why You Should Only Use Organic Fish Oil Supplements

Organic fruit; organic vegetables; organic meat and dairy, and now I'm just about to add organic fish oil to the list. Surely all fish oil should be organic anyway? After all, most manufacturers make it clear that the oil they use in their supplements comes from only a handful of different species, and most if not all of them live natural lives in our oceans.

Some people might argue that our oceans are too contaminated for anything in them to be organic, but that would be akin to splitting hairs. So, rather than trying to split hairs, let's all agree with the idea that all ocean fish fish are organic at the time they are done. Building on this, let's assume that all the oil harvested from the fish is also organic at the time of harvesting. So, when does the oil change from being organic to being non-organic?

Manufacturing Process & Additives

Virtually all manufacturers actually buy the oil that use in their supplies rather than having to harvest it themselves. As such, they do not have much control of this process, but they can exercise some caution when choosing their suppliers and by seeking guarantees that no additives are added.

The most common form of oil extraction involves heating the fish up to 95 degrees Celsius in order to separate the oil, water and protein. Once this has been done, the fish go through a press and then a centrifuge is used in order to separate the oil from the sludge which has been created. Up until this point, the oil that has been extracted should still be organic. The only exception would be if oil is being extracted from non-organically farmed fish.

At this stage suppliers have a decision to make. Raw fish oil spoils relatively quickly so they either need to ship it out to their customers as quickly as possible or they have add preservatives. If they do not, it spoils and will only be fit for use in animal feed, thereby fetching a much lower price.

In most instances, suppliers will ship the oil to the actual manufacturers while it's still in its organic state, providing that the manufacturer is dealing with a reputable supplier. Unfortunately, it is usually the manufacturers who add preservatives and other additives in order to extend the shelf life of their products; to mask unpleasant odors and etc. For this reason, my advice to people would be that they should avoid buying their supplies from “mass” manufacturers. It's far better to buy your supplements from companies that only produce enough to meet current customer demands.

Hexane in Fish Oil Supplements

Quite a lot of the supplements you get today contain oil that has essentially been produced from waste and poor quality fish. Suppliers who operate in this manner frequently frequently on chemicals in a bid to improve the quality of the oil they are using, and also to maximize yields. One relatively common additive being used is called hexane.

Hexane is a solvent which is made from crude oil and it is classified as a toxic substance. You'll find plenty of it in rubber cement and in gasoline. Manufacturers use this additive because of its solvent properties in order to try and extract as much oil as they can from poor quality fish.

Some suppliers excuse that the hexane is later removed from the oil during further processing, but since the supplement industry remains large unregulated, there is nobody to ensure that all traces of hexane have in fact been removed. The reality of the matter is, the minute the hexane is added, the oil becomes contaminated.

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Best Human Growth Hormone Supplement

HGH or the Human Growth Hormone is a hormone that is responsible for fuel growth, cell reproduction and cell renewal. The Pituitary gland naturally produces this hormone to regulate growth, sugar levels and fat metabolism. It works with collagen to maintain muscle and skin composition. But as you age, less HGH and collagen is produced and you start losing muscle and elasticity of the skin. However, to build muscles you can use HGH supplements.

The market has HGH for sale and you can find the hormone in the form of supplements. However, even when using the HGH supplements, it is important that you combine them with exercises and a healthier lifestyle to reap the desired results. With so many HGH supplements for sale, how then do you choose the best human growth hormone supplement?

Ingredients – They are basically what your supplement is all about. The ingredients contained in the HGH supplement will significantly determine the results that you get. To make the right decision, choose supplements that have ingredients such as l-valine, l-lysine and l-arginine. They are essential amino acids that help with muscle development. Always look at the product label and determine how the ingredients listed are going to help you achieve your muscle objectives. The more natural ingredients included the better and safer the supplement.

Brand – The supplement brand should also be considered when buying. There are very popular HGH brands in the market and by looking at the best and what users have to say about the results matched, you will be able to make a good decision. Always choose a brand you can trust for quality end results.

Money back guarantee – Products that are backed by a money back guarantee tend to be very high in quality and they are bound to fetch you the desired results. The guarantee means the manufacturer is confident enough to let you try the product first and return it if you do not like what it does. Such confidence only means that he is sure of what the product can do and you are safer using such a product.

Cost – Even though high quality HGH for sale will come at a price. It helps to do your research so you know which range is reasonable enough. A little research can actually help you unveil quality products that come at affordable prices so take your time to check around and weigh your options. Remember to also consider the availability of the supplement so you are sure to have your next pack easily.

Reviews – They are some of the best tools you can use to find the best HGH supplement. The reviews cover everything from the ingredients and what each one does to help your muscles to the right dosage and prices. You can use them to determine the quality and potential results of your supplement. There are so many online sources you can use to review some of the popular HGH supplements so you can decide which one to go for.

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How to Use Fish Oil Ratings to Buy the Best Supplements

I would not recommend buying anything online without doing at least some research first, and that includes dietary supplements. In actual fact, doing some research first before you buy supplements is crucial, because let us not forget that you are going to be ingesting those supplements on a daily basis.

One of the best ways to research any fish oil supplement you are considering buying is to read through a few relevant reviews. It is not always necessary to only read reviews that have been written by people who have actually bought and used the product you have your eyes on.

The vast majority of customers simply are not interested in writing reviews in the first place, and hardly any customers at all are willing to sit down and write an in-depth 2000+ word fish oil review unless they stand to gain something from it. Unhappy customers are of course a different kettle of fish.

Review Websites and Product Ratings

These days there are numerous review sites that publish reviews covering a massive range of products. Many of these reviews are written by individuals who have taken it upon themselves to research the products they write about. Most of the reviews you see on these sites will show results relating to various aspects of a product and the company that is selling or manufacturing the product.

If you are going to be reading through fish oil reviews, you'll usually see a number of ratings. These could for example include things like customer service; shipping times; price; returns and refunds; quality; purity, and research. In this example, the most important rating for me would be quality, purity and research. However, actual fish oil ratings are affected by all the parameters.

If the maximum score per rating is 5, and reviewer gives 2 stars for shipping; 3 stars for price; 1 star for returns and refunds; 5 stars for quality; 5 stars for purity, and 5 stars for research, then the overall rating is going to be negatively impacted by the low ratings given for shipping, price and etc. In truth however, the actual fish oil must obviously be exceptionally good in order to have earned top marks for purity, quality and research.

If my heart is set on buying a really high quality fish oil supplement, I would not hesitate to purchase the one in the above example, even if I know shipping might take longer than I'm expecting. In short, you need to keep in mind that certain ratings are more relevant than others when it comes to dietary supplements.

Open Source Ratings

Another way to check out what sort of ratings a particular brand of fish oil is getting would be for you to visit open source review sites. These are sites where virtually anyone is welcome to write reviews. Generally speaking, most of these reviews usually only have a few sentences or a few short paragraphs at best.

Personally, I am not a big fan of such sites because they tend to attract only two groups of people. The vast majority of the reviews on these sites are written by affiliate marketers who actually know very little about the products they review. They have never used the product they are writing about, and most have never even looked related to it. The only thing they know is the amount of commission they stand to get if they get others to buy the product.

The second group of people on these sites is those who have genuinely had an awful experience. Naturally, if they have had a terrible experience then they have every right to make it public. The problem with this is that happy customers are inclined to forget all about writing a review, which obviously upsets the balance.

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Supplements – What Should We Really Be Looking For?

If this title has done your eye, I think you are hiring that I am going to tell you the answer to what you should purchase. Unfortunately I am not, I not a promoter of one brand or another. I am going approach this topic from a much different edge.

The real question that should be asked is; “What should I be aware of in the market when making a decision for my health ?”

Let's look into the two main types available; pharmaceutical brands versa natural health brands. Maybe both have their advantages and disadvantages but it is up to you to make a decision for your own wellness plan.

I fell for the same propaganda years ago when I was a young mom trying to look out for what was best for my children. Doctors supported the pharmaceutical brands for two main reasons. Pharmaceutical brands supported research and you knew what was in them. The same argument was put up for the support of big name brands versa cheaper no name brands of drugs.

Well I was naive and believed this whole line of thought never giving one look to what truth was actually being hidden behind these statements.

As I searched more and more, I was turned off if those statements.
Sure, there was research, but many are tainted by points of view. Data coming from privately financed research runs the risk of inflating positive results and hiding the risks. Often drugs are submitted for the FDA's Approval with biased results of these privately funded studies sometimes leading to many deaths years months and years down the road. Yes, as a medical lab technologist, I was privy to seeing some of these disastrous effects.

Publicly funded studies always have more favorable results due to the lack of bias interpretation. With no motive at hand, these studies are often interpreted at face value and run up against the proper controls.

So when a company supports their new product by citing the years of research that went into it, I am now skeptical as to the amount of biased research that was presented. Many doctors and scientists have been denounced in their careers for trying to step forward with faulty results. Or private companies have let them go because they did not find favorable results on a new drug. And many have found it hard to get their work published on damage of certain drugs probably due to the scene payoffs to the medical society.

Sure, some of their products can garner good results and dosages may be strictly controlled. Side effects, for the most part, are logged and carefully monitored. For the argument ” you know what is in the pharmaceutical brands, ” this statement could not be farther from the truth. Yes, they list what is in their products contain for the most part but many ingredients and usually not written for the laymen. And Pharmaceutical brands have been known to have many additives and fillers within them. Many of these either hinder or slow the uptake of the nutrients in the vitamin itself nevermind the common allergy reactions that may occur to non-medicinal ingredients.

I have used this example before in my writings: I once heard the story of a sewage worker in a well-known Canadian city to see floating vitamins, name still intact, in the sewage tanks on a regular basis. Obviously that pharmaceutical brand is being passed right through everyone's system and is not being taken up by their body. The question is “What is in these pills to cause this?”

Over the years I have developed much more confidence in the natural health brands on the market. Although I can not account for every brand, Most natural health brands are made from raw natural organic product. These are usually food grade and can more readily be taken up by the body. The passing of unprocessed supplement is less heard of.

With the exception of a natural supplement called ephedra, most studies and natural health practitioners will conclude that no deaths have occurred with Natural Health based supplements. This is a far comparison to the rate of deaths that are occurring everyday from regular pharmaceutical products.

Yes, herbs can have side effects. And as in drugs, there is always room for allergic reactions. Drugs interactions with some herbs may be the other exception. Therefore one should always list what herbs you are taking when visiting your doctor ,. Cross reactions can always be a possibility.

The morrow of this story is that we encourage you to do your own research. And when considering one form of treatment or another, we encourage you to seek professional consultation through a well-trained naturopathic doctor or natural health practitioner. Herbs and natural health supplements statistically show more safety however, one should always consider factors like cross interaction with drugs and allergies. Therefore it is always wise to consult professional help.

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Tips for Buying Health Supplements Online

If you have ever bought or thought of buying supplements online, you'd know that a seemingly easy task can often feel daunting with a tide of questions and doubts in your mind. Which is the best supplement for me? Does it have any potential side-effects? How quick will the delivery be? I hope it's not fake ?!

These are just some of the many doubts that scare us when we are about the click the 'buy' button on any website online.

We have listed down 5 Important things which any customer should try and look for on the website they intend to buy from for a greater transparency of things:

1. Social Media: A Facebook page speaks volumes about the brand if you know the kind of things to be aware of. The most important is look at the brand following. This will immediately tell you how popular the brand is among people and if they actually post content like offers etc. which is worth following them or buying from them. The second thing to consider would be comments left by customers. Facebook reviews are one of the very few verified and genuine reviews as they have come from an active profile.

2. Returns Policy: One of the most important things to find and read on any website you wish to buy from. An easy return & refund policy should be clearly stated with a link in the footer. Please be sure to read every word of this document so you know you are covered in case you decide to send the supplement back if you are not happy with it.

3. Authenticity: If the above does not help prove this, then ask questions if the product is genuine and authentic. We encourage customers to download a free barcode scanner app on their smartphones and always scan the barcode at the bacof the supplement whether they are buying at a retail store or if they bought online. Furthermore, the details of the product including batch number and expiration dates can be emailed directly to the brand for them to verify authenticity.

4. Logistics Partner: Find out who they partner with for courier services and if Cash on Delivery is available. Most good courier partners will ensure a safe protocol and a quick delivery to your doorstep. COD relieves you of the stress of any potential fraud as you only have to pay when the goods arrive.

5. Live Chat: If the website provides a live chat option, make sure you ask all questions relating to the best products, offers and any on-going discounts. An interactive website ensures all your queries are answered before purchase and also makes it easier to contact the team for any post-purchase doubts.

Be careful while buying supplements online like whey proteins, mass gainers or other protein supplements.

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