There Are Big Problems With Probiotics That You Need To Know About

Studies have shown having healthy gut bacteria can effect everything from energy levels, to mood, to even weight loss. Of course healthy gut bacteria means that there are more beneficial bacteria that bad or unhealthy bacteria. The beneficial bacteria is called probiotics which you may have heard in things like yogurt.

There are thousands of bacteria living in your body and because it is so difficult to consistently eat right, our digestive tract can suffer. Not eating right can lead to an imbalance of bad bacteria and the good bacteria in your digestive tract. This can cause digestive issues, like gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation, and it can also lead to health issues as bacteria that is harmful to you grows and makes you sick.

Of course this means that if you eat right and live well then your digestive tract gets everything you body needs to keep things healthy. The question becomes what do you do to make sure you are eating right? Or if you are like me then the question is how do you compensate for not eating as well as you should?

The food industry has a solution which you have probably seen or heard about in the hundreds of commercials advertising probiotic supplements. Of course all supplements are not created equal. There are many different strains of probiotics, and some supplements have only one or two, while others have many more.

Then there is a question of the potency of a probiotic which is measured by its number of colony-forming units. This measurement is only relevant if all of the bacteria are alive. Due to poor manufacturing and storage processes many supplements are rendered worthless before making it to the customer. Then depending on the kind of bacteria there is the problem of getting them through your stomach to where they need to be without them being destroyed by your own digestive system.

Of course I think the best solution is to go instead with a supplement that is filled with a nonliving substance called prebiotics. Prebiotics are made of fibrous substances that are not digested by your body that serve as food for your gut bacteria. Research indicates that by introducing prebiotics to your diet you can greatly improve the level of healthy gut bacteria and get the proper balance back needed for good health and improved immune response.

The reason for the improved immune response is because your first line of defense against infection is the trillions of beneficial bacteria that live in your intestines. These friendly microbes attack toxic invaders, assist with digestion and waste elimination, and help promote balance in your own body. By providing the prebiotics to keep these microbes healthy you keep the bad bacteria in check and prevent them from overrunning your body's defenses.

With all the issues with adding probiotics to your diet in a way that can get them where they need to be in the amounts that they need to be in, you can see why prebiotics is the solution that avoids these problems.

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How to Choose the Best Probiotic Supplements for Bodybuilding

In the old days, whenever one heard the word “probiotics” they immediately thought of fruity, breakfast yogurts that were pegged for the over-50 set. However, the business of good bacteria has grown popular by the minute, so much so that it can be read on almost every label known to man, not just on yogurts but also on bodybuilding supplements and snack bars.

Probiotics is defined as “friendly bacteria” that occurs naturally in the digestive tract. Certain strains or types of probiotics have in fact, been accredited with many health benefits including helping with irritable bowel syndrome to traveler's diarrhea and boosting the immune system. These days, however, they are more frequently used as dietary support for the immune system, which may account for why there seems to be an overflow of probiotic products on the shelves of health food stores everywhere.

In the realm of bodybuilding, probiotic supplements have been credited to help with muscle growth, in addition to assisting in the prevention of muscle breakdowns and muscle damage. Taking their daily recommended dose of probiotics ensures that they do not experience any of these symptoms to be able to function properly and to continue doing their workouts.

As far as benefits go, these supplements help bodybuilders better absorb minerals and amino acids and helps keep their gut environment healthy enough to better assimilate nutrients – something that is essential to athletes that undergo intestinal workouts and training and those who need to be able to maximize their diets. For bodybuilders who often over train, probiotic supplements offer intestinal cell protection against oxidative stress. It also reduces the risks of upper respiratory tract infections, gastrointestinal distress and better regulation of the muscle-wasting hormone cortisol.

In order for bodybuilders to continuously benefit from probiotics, they should be able to choose the best supplements and to do that, they need to first understand that probiotics are effective in any form. Currently, they are available in powder and capsule forms, as well as present in foods like dairy drinks, cheese and snack bars as mentioned earlier, that include specific probiotic organizations. Any of these forms may be effective as long as they have the beneficial organizations in adequate numbers.

The next step is being able to choose the right microbes for your needs. There are many different potentially beneficial probiotic organisms that exist, including bacteria and yeast. The effects are very specific and certain strains appear to be very helpful on a per condition basis. Also the first thing you'll want to look for when purchasing probiotic supplements is the full probiotic name which will include the genus, species and then the strain.

The label should also include the number of organizations contained in one single dose and how often you should take it, as well as the recommended uses, storage information and contact information for the manufacturer. It is also important to choose a reliable brand as not all products live up to the information indicated on their labels. Because the products that you see on the shelves these days are not required to meet standards of medication, the FDA recommends that you choose a reliable product with claims and recommended dosages based on scientific studies.

And last but not least, probiotics are generally considered safe except for those with compromised immune systems, people who are terminally-ill with cancer and those who are prone to leaky bowels. Make sure you consult with a doctor first before taking any kind of probiotic supplement as it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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How Soon Can Consumers Expect Results From Supplements of Deer Antler Velvet?

Whenever people look at a medication or a supplement to find relief from any condition or to make their bodies healthy, they expect instant results. This applies both to pharmaceutical grade medicines and natural products that are classified as supplements. People only concentrate on the results and do not provide any attention to how the product used will work inside the body. The situation is no different for people who consider deer antler velvet supplements as the magical formula that will work wonders on their body.

Any medication or supplement that is chosen by people requires some time before it can deliver results that are expected. The results will also depend on the condition of the user, the age and any other underlining causes, which they could be suffering from. The dosage that they will be required to take will also play a role. These are factors, which must be considered by all. Any neglect in this matter will cause disappointment among people.

When people decide to use supplements of deer antler velvet, it is important for them to select a product, which has the highest concentration. The popularity of this product has brought onto the market a number of manufacturers all of which are looking forward to capitalizing on the demand. Some have cut down on concentration of the main ingredient and are promoting their products at prices, which will look extremely affordable. Unfortunately, they will take a long time to deliver the results that people want or even fail alike.

If people decide to conduct some research that will get information that they need at least 500 mg of this supplement within a capsule that is sold to them. Anything less and the product chosen will not serve its purpose. Therefore, it is essential for people to look around in the local market and also on the Internet before they go ahead and conclude a purchase.

Results displayed by the supplement will vary according to the product used, the age and health of the consumer along with the regularity at which they consume the supplements. It must be understood that no two individuals will display results that are similar. In most cases, results can be seen in about three weeks. People who are active are more likely to display results faster. These are factors that must be understood before deciding to take supplements like these. People must understand that this is not a product that has been manufactured in a laboratory but is one that is made from natural ingredients. They must be patient and wait for the results, which will definitely come if they use such products regularly.

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Why Buy Inferior Deer Antler Velvet Sprays When You Can Buy Better Supplements

Supplements of deer antler velvet are available in the form of sprays and capsules. Producers of each variety claim that they are better than the other. The quality of the products is different and so is the way they deliver results. If you are looking forward to buying such products, you should be in a position to make an informed decision before you can complete a purchase. However, how will you decide about which product to purchase unless you are aware about the technicalities of each? Let us look into the factors that you will be required to look out for before you go ahead and buy a product for the benefit of your health.

This discussion is not to deride the products of a competitor. It is to make consumers understand that each product is different and has to be treated accordingly. Sprays of deer antler velvet are quite popular and used by a number of people. Producers promote the product as one that delivers instant results. It is possible that some products may give a small boost of energy to consumers who use it. However, in most cases they will be required to use the spray regularly, which is likely to impede higher costs on them. They also deliver a subordinate quantity of insulin-like growth factor 1 that is required, which allows them to offer the products at a lower cost.

On the other hand, supplements that are available as capsules have a better quantity of IGF-1 that will provide long-lasting results for the consumer. People who choose capsules will be required to consume two capsules every day. These capsules contain 500 mg of deer antler velvet and can deliver to their bodies 500,000,000 ng of IGF-1, which is essential for better results. Therefore, the choice among people should be for the latter rather than the former.

The difference in costs between the two is not high and can easily be afforded by most. It is just a belief among people that they can get faster results from a spray, which makes them choose products that are inferior. People must note that they just do not want a small boost of energy for a short time. They must be looking forward to using a product, which will keep their own body healthy and leave them energetic throughout the day. Therefore, it will be better if people chose to leave aside inferior products and select supplements of deer antler velvet in the form of capsules.

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Fighting Fatigue the Natural Way

Millions of Americans face a problem, which refers to their everyday lives. They have a persistent problem with fatigue that leaves them exhausted. It does not matter whether they spend long hours at a desk or are working in a field that requires physical labor. Both these jobs can leave people with plenty of tiredness and unable to do anything else in life. Americans simply do not get the sleep they need apart from nutritious food and the exercise that is required to experience the right amount of energy. In order to lead their lives properly people can not afford to neglect these factors.

Finding a remedy, which will be effective, is difficult. Some of the sources that are available are likely to leave you anxious and jittery while others have concoctions of questionable ingredients. For a number of years, people have been using caffeine as a natural booster of energy and this ingredient is found in most products that are sold in the market. People do not understand that caffeine does not have the ability to deliver the proper amount of energy required by the body. It is also a short-term option, which does not last long.

Researchers for the recent past have come out with new products that they feel are better in restoring energy levels within the body. They have discovered natural ingredients that can be used to prepare a supplement for this purpose. They have used an ingredient that was discovered by the Chinese centuries ago and have now converted it into a supplement that is fast becoming popular. This product is made from the velvet found on deer antlers that have a number of medicinal properties. Today supplements of deer antler velvet are being used by a large number of people fight fatigue of all kinds. Information has been provided to people that this product is totally natural and does not contain any additives or preservatives. It can effectively fight problems with fatigue and also provide the body with the sleep it needs to leave an individual feeling refreshed in the morning.

The supplement also can keep stress levels under control theby ensuring that people do not fall prey to problems such as hypertension and other related conditions. When looking forward to finding products that can help with conditions like these people are normally confused and make the wrong choices. Their cause will be better served if they decide to use deer antler velvet supplements because it can help them better than any other product displayed on the shelves of supermarkets and pharmacies.

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Unregulated But Safe – Deer Antler Velvet

The market for dietary supplements is by large unregulated because the FDA does not allow such products to be classified as authentic. These are products that are made from 100% natural ingredients and depend upon historical facts to prove their potency. The FDA believes that any product, which is sold on the market, must be invented and tested in laboratories before it can be approved for public consumption. Dietary supplements made from nature can not be invented in a laboratory and therefore, lag behind in obtaining approval from the Premier regulating body of the country. However, this has not stopped a number of products from becoming popular. One of them that is gaining a large following is a supplement made from deer antler velvet.

When the product was introduced it was in the news for all the wrong reasons. Athletes who wanted to increase their stamina and endurance used it, and this led to the belief that it could be a performance enhancer. Some sports bodies condemned the supplement believing that it could be similar to the steroids that were popular among people involved in athletics. It was only on April 30, 2013 that the ban was revoked after the authorities found that it was a natural supplement, which would increase a growth hormone called insulin-like growth factor 1 within the body. This was the component that allowed athletes to perform better and recover faster.

As news about how people involved in athletics were taking advantage of a natural supplement to boost their energy spread around citizens across the country also started noticing the product and began looking out for deer antler velvet supplements. They soon became popular and is today being bought after by average citizens who find themselves wanting to do better in life.

The supplement was not just produced for the benefit of those that wanted to make a living out of sporting activity. It can provide a number of benefits to the human body and is classified as one of the best dietary supplements that is currently available. People using the product are finding it useful to deal with a host of conditions that affect them in everyday life. They are able to improve their stamina apart from getting the ability to perform better in all walks of life. The fact that the product comes from an industry, which is not regulated by the FDA, has not stopped people from looking at the product and using it to good effect. They have understood that it is safe to use and will not cause any harm to them. It also continues to be used by athletes who consider it as a better alternative to steroids or drugs, which they were earlier using.

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Importance Of Supplements In Bodybuilding

The bodybuilding supplements play a vital role in enhancing the overall health and developing a good physique. A variety of supplements have come up in the market that helps an individual to attain a strong and a flexible physique. Moreover, these supplements also help an individual to lead a healthy life that is more cheerful and stress free. The human body requires a lot of proteins and carbohydrates in order to grow and develop that is difficult to achieve from a normal diet plan, which marks the significance of these supplements in our lives.

Medical experts from around the globe have agreed upon the fact that in order to acquire good health an individual needs to have a good healthy diet consisting of all the essential carbohydrates and proteins along with a fixed routine of an exercise curriculum. However, the individuals seeking to build their muscle and strength through heavy weight training require an extra amount of carbohydrates and proteins, and these body building supplements are a perfect source to fulfill this requirement.

Gaining the muscle mass is not an easy task to accomplish and requires a lot of effort and commitment. Body building supplements play a significant role in this scenario and help you acquire all the essential nutrients that are required to strengthen the body and build body mass. These body building supplements also help the beginner body builders to build the muscle in a quick and a healthy way. These supplements aid your body muscles to reach its full potential, in order to perform intensive training.

A lot of people have a misconception that without an efficient and a hectic workout schedule, it is difficult to gain strength and muscle mass. The truth lies in the fact that 90 percent of the muscle gain depends upon the diet plan you are following ie the amount of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins you are consuming per day. But, this does not rule out the significance of an efficient training schedule as without this 10 per cent the other 90 per cent is not adequate to gain the appropriate muscle mass.

Now a day's, every individual desires to have a good physique. So, for these individuals, body building supplements will provide a quick and an efficient way to acquire the desired results. These supplements offer a wide range of benefits that can not be neglected including:

• They aid your muscle in winning mass.
• They help you acquire a faster metabolism.
• They help you gain more muscle stamina.
• They help in repairing the damaged muscles and tissue
• They also help in retaining water inside your body to prevent dehydration during the workout.
• And many more.

So, if you're interested in body building then consuming these supplements will definitely increase the overall effectiveness and strength of your body that will help you obtain a good and healthy physique in a quick and a healthy way.

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Prebiotic Foods and Prebiotic Supplements: What’s the Difference?

You probably already realize that your intestinal bacteria play an important role in your health. The term, “probiotics,” is found everywhere – in scientific literature as well as at the supermarket. While taking probiotic supplements to support your internal microbiota makes sense, it seems that a healthy intestinal flora needs more than just more inhabants. It also needs bacterial food in the form of prebiotics. Not unexpectedly, prebiotics are found in regular food. However, there is also a dizzying array of prebiotic supplements available. One might ask: are not prebiotic foods enough?

What Are Prebiotics?

In simple terms, prebiotics are nutrients that support the growth of good bacteria in the gut. A more official definition of prebiotics is '' selectively manufactured ingredients that allow specific changes, both in the composition and / or activity in the gastrointestinal microflora that confer benefits upon host wellbeing and health. '' Prebiotics are a relatively new concept, introduced in 1995 .

On a molecular level, most prebiotics are just fiber. In other words, they are indigestible sugar molecules. Because we're unable to digest fiber, it makes its way into the lower part of the intestinal tract where the intestinal flora tear. Most vegetables have high fiber content and are considered prebiotic foods. But, that's the not the only source. Milk is also a source of indigestible sugars, and those are now just being investigated. The most commonly found prebiotics are the vegetable-based inulin and fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) along with the milk-inspired, synthetic variants called galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS).

Prebiotic Foods

When in comes to prebiotic fiber content, not all vegetables are created equally. Vegetables with high amounts of inulin are agave, chicory, dandelion, garlic, artichokes, onion, yams and leeks. Bananas also contain fair amounts of inulin. FOS is also found in these vegetables as well as in many cereal grains. The bacteria, which are mainly affected by inulin and FOS, are from the Bifidobacteria genus.

Bifidobacteria are some of the most important lactic-acid producing, intestinal bacteria, and they are in many probiotic supplements.

One disadvantage with prebiotic foods is that the general content of prebiotics is low, especially after cooking. For a prebiotic effect, it's recommended that one ingest about 6 grams of inulin fiber. As an example, to get 6 grams of inulin eating raw onions, one would have to eat about 1.8 oz, which is like c cup of chopped onion. From cooked angles, to get the same amount, one would have to consume p pound.

Unfortunately, with our over-processed, modern diets, the average person gets only about a few grams of inulin per day. In contrast, prehistoric, hunter-gather populations are estimated to have consumed 135 grams of inulin per day. They had absolutely no problem getting enough prebiotic foods. Increasing the amount of raw vegetables consumed per day would probably boost the ingestion of inulin to higher than 6 grams. This is a worthy goal for many, and it would provide many more health benefits than just prebiotics.

Prebiotic Supplements

For some, changing the diet may be a sufficient, sole strategy to increasing daily prebiotics. For others, it may not be the best solution for a multitude of reasons. For instance, eating raw vegetables or copious amounts of cooked ones can also be tough for people with a compromised digestive system. Other reasons to choose a supplement over food include their ease, purity and variety.

Those trying to treat a health issue with prebiotics would probably be better served by using a supplement. Studies have shown that individuals with inflammatory bowel disease, antibiotic-associated diarrhea, traveller's diarrhea and low calcium absorption can benefit from prebiotic supplementing ranged from 6-30 grams daily.

There is also the variety issue. Studies with human milk are identifying unique prebiotic sugars, and the widely used GOS is synthetic and not found naturally. While more studies do need to be done to clearly identify the advantages of different types of prebiotics, it is speculated that milk-based prebiotics could have been more powerful and more specific in the strains of bacteria that they promote.

Food vs. Supplements

Determining how to incorporate prebiotics into one's diet is a personal choice. There are clearly many advantages to changing one's diet to include a healthier mix of vegetables and fruits to increase FOS and inulin. Yet, those looking for less fuss or trying to treat a specific health issue might be better helped by prebiotic supplements. A good first step towards making a choice is to determine why you want to improve your intestinal flora in the first place and to seek additional information via a qualified nutritionist.

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Bee Pollen – A Perfect Food From Nature

Bee pollen is today considered as one of nature's most nourishing foods. With approximately 40% of protein, this product is high in essential amino acids that are easily absorbed by the body. In fact, it is being reported that this product has more protein and amino acids than a pound of beef, steak or eggs. Science can give us plenty of information about how bee pollen can help the human body, but it has no liability to produce the same in a laboratory. There was an experiment carried out where artificial bee pollen was fed to bees that delivered disastrous results. The bees simply could not survive with the counterfeit variety that was fed to them. This is a clear indicator that the natural variety is a better product.

People may wonder as to why they should be using bee pollen supplements and what are the advantages that will be available to them when using the product. There are several benefits, which can be derived from products made by bees. Some of them are described below for the benefit of consumers.

Good energy booster: it can provide you with a boost of energy that can be sustained over a period of time. It does not contain any additives or sugars that will give you an instant boost and then leave you feeling tired all over again. Energy supplements that are today being sold generally contain caffeine and can only be considered as short-term remedies that will not help in the long-term.

Boosting immunization levels: the vitamins and amino acids contained within this product can help boost the immune system of the body and keep away some of the most common illnesses. Apart from this, it can also give people the ability to regain their strength and energy levels after a bout of sickness.

Natural: it is collected naturally by bees that are not exposed to any kind of contamination. The process of production is also hygienic. No preservatives are used during the manufacture of the supplement. This ensures that consumers get a product that is 100% pure. The raw material is carefully selected and treated to prevent any damage to the valuable nutrients. All precautions are taken to ensure that the product delivered to the market is of the highest quality. Using bee pollen supplements, people gain in a number of ways that will be beneficial to them. Therefore, people are advised to consider using supplements like these and enjoy a healthy life.

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Is Bee Pollen Good for Everyone?

A majority of food supplement enthusiasts have this unswerving preference for natural products. They make this choice because of the belief that all natural products are safe and far from the possibility of causing side effects and adverse reactions.

But this is not always the case. Some organic products such as the bee pollen can trigger allergic reactions to some people. This is because this product is produced by bees from flowers, leaves, and barks of plants which some people can be allergic to.

We are not competing claims of many people. This bee product is beneficial to health. We just want to let people know about its possible adverse effects so that they can make the necessary precautions before starting to take the supplement. It's good to be transparent and fair; after all, our intentions are the same. Good health and well-being for everyone.

Why Is not it Safe for Some People?

First of all, we need to acknowledge the beneficial qualities of bee pollen. Many people benefit from it because it is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants. These nutritious elements work together to improve physical and mental energy.

But since bee pollen comes from plants, its potential to trigger allergies can not be discounted. Extracts of this product can contain pollen in quantities that can cause allergic reactions to some people.

The Tolerance Test

The best step you need to consider before deciding to use bee pollen is to gradually introduce it to your body. This can help to let you know how your body responds to it. You can start by putting one kernel in your mouth, gradually increasing the amount by the day. If your body does not show any reactions, that means you're good to go.

But if you experience itching, redness of your skin, swelling of your tongue or shortness of breath, you should stop taking the product at once because your body is reacting to its entry in your system. For your safety, you should avoid jumping into the standard dosage without going through a tolerance test first.

Safety Precautions

Medical experts do not favor the idea of ​​using bee pollen if you have a medical condition, allergic asthma, liver disease, or problems with your blood. Bee pollen is a good supplement to those who are not allergic to its natural components. The best thing you can do to make sure it will benefit you is to seek the advice of a medical professional before deciding to use it.

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Four Things You Should Know About Squalene

Squalene has long been used as a natural supplement, but it has become especially popular when it was linked to the Gulf War Syndrome controversies, which states that the substance was added to some anthrax vaccine given to a number of soldiers. There was little or no evidence at all, however, that this is the case, and today, many people still consider this substance an important part of their diet. If you have heard of the name for the first time, though, there are four things you need to know about it to get the most out of it.

It is Often Confused with Squalane

One of the most important things you need to know about this substance is that it is often confused with squalane. While the two may have similarities in terms of structure and purpose, the latter is actually a result of hydrogenation of the former. Squalene, in particular, often comes in the form of capsules and is used as dietary supplement, while squalane, with an “a”, usually coming in the form of cosmetic products. Both have similar benefits, though, particularly in terms of improving skin health.

It is Found in Nature

Just as is with most substances used in supplements, squalene is found in nature, even in the human body. It is mainly found in plant sources such as olive, wheat germ, and amaranth seed, although what's commonly used is the one found in shark liver oil. Believe it or not, it is also found in the human body, making up around 12-13% of the skin's sebum. This is the reason why it is used in many cosmetic products; Since the skin identifies with it quickly, the skin absorbs it quite quickly and benefits from it directly.

It is Excellent as a Supplement

As a supplement, squalene offers tons of benefits. For one, it can aid in the relief of arthritic pain. It can also help improve the skin and even protect it from further damage. Moreover, a study done in Australia suggests that this substance has the ability to lower blood cholesterol and lower risks for heart problems. More importantly, it is rich in antioxidants and is believed to be an excellent weapon against many forms of cancer.

It is Not an Ultimate Solution

Squalene offers a number of health benefits that are truly remarkable; however, you need to understand that it is not an ultimate cure. The reason it is considered as supplement is that its main purpose is to supply benefits lacking from your daily diet. It's also important to remember that consulting your doctor before taking any kind of supplement is crucial to make sure you get the most out of it and so that you do not end up doing more harm to your body than good.

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All About Creatine – How It Works, Benefits and Possible Drawbacks

There are plenty of supplements on the market, some which are more effective or dangerous than others. Creatine is by far the most used and effective supplement that we have available. It comes in diverse forms and it usually does not have the bad taste associated with many other supplements. Wondering why this supplement works so well? Then continue reading …

What is Creatine?
Creatine is a substance that is naturally found in all living organisms, including humans. It is composed of three amino acids: arginine, glycine and methionine. Its scientific title is methyl guanidine-acetic acid, which is just a pompous name for a well-functioning substance. One of the main sources of creatine is meat, especially red meat. The three amino acids are combined in liver and kidney in order to give you the desired effects.

How much creatine exists in the human body?

The amount varies from person to person, but generally an adult produces about 2 grams of creatine daily. Of the total amount, 40% is in the free state and 60% is found in the form of creatine phosphate. Over 90% of this substance is stored in the muscles, with the remaining one being scatter through the brain, blood, heart and even testicles.

How does creatine work? What is its role in the human body?

The main role of creatine is to produce energy and muscle volumization (due to extra water retention). We'll get into a little chemistry to explain how it works and how it can help you boost your energy levels.

First of all, this molecule absorbed into the body and attaches a phosphate group to form a molecule of CP (creatine phosphate). Human body's adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the source that provides the energy for any activity or function. Therefore, when we need energy, the AFP molecule quickly releases the phosphate group by breaking the bond and giving our bodies a boost. Unfortunately, it is not found in large quantities as it gets consumed very quickly. Other energy sources like carbohydrates or fats are also effective but they need more time to be used, so the primary source of energy is ATP.

An ATP molecule, after losing phosphate group becomes ADP, which really has no other function than to wait and reattach to a new phosphate to form ATP, and this is happening much faster in the presence of high concentrations of CP. In this way, CP donates its phosphate group, ATP is restored and energy is again available, and the most important thing for us is that these processes occur under anaerobic conditions. Once CP reserves in the body are depleted, the body needs to resort to other less facile and effective methods for restoring the ATP molecule.

Which are the benefits of using creatine?
Due mainly to the anaerobic effort you exert when working with weights, creatine supplements are able to give you an energy boost. You'll feel less tired after your workouts and recovery will take place quicker than before.

Another important role of this substance is related to increasing muscles' volume. We all know the story: creatine helps retain water in your muscles, therefore making them appear bigger. Specifically, it hydrates muscle cells. When the concentration of creatine in the muscle cell increases, it draws more water into the cell. Consequentially volume volume increases causing it attract more nutrients into muscle cells, especially glucose (which will be stored as glycogen) and amino acids (which a higher concentration will increase the rate of protein synthesis). More glycogen stored means a higher energy reserve for the body, which becomes able to withstand strainous activities for longer.

What types of creatine are available?
On the commerce market there are several types of creatine available. The most common one is creatine monohydrate, but even this is found in various forms. To mention just a few, we have creatine powder, liquid creatine, pills and capsules. By far the most common of them is creatine powder. Note that no matter what type of it consume, water consumption should always be more than generous in order to aid muscles' retention.

Like I said a little earlier, there are several types of creatine which you can choose from:

1. Creatine monohydrate
This is the most popular form of creatine, being used for more than 10 years in the bodybuilding industry and benefiting from the backup of numerous clinical and scientific studies. Besides the advantages that reputable studies have brought to the surface, this supplement form also has a very low price.

Effects of such supplementation are increased muscle mass, better developed physical performance, increase strength, improved recovery, strength and endurance during exercises. When you want to buy creatine monohydrate, purity is very important. Usually it's best not to buy the cheapest form of it available, but to look for the mark of quality and purity inscription: “Creapure ™”.

Creatine monohydrate can be administered in equal doses every day or you can use it for a certain period followed by one of the maintenance. Few of its disadvantages are low solubility in water, lower absorption than with other forms, and also the intestinal discomfort associated with high doses.

2. Micronized Creatine
It's actually all creatine powder that was ground but extremely fine, which improves its absorption level with up to 20 times. Thus, fewer digestive problems are created and the price difference is not significant either.

3. Creatine Ethyl Ester (CEE)
This type of creatine has an ester attached to it, which is resulting in a significantly improved absorption rate, no digestive disorders and no “recharging” time. Its main disadvantage, however, is related to the very unpleasant taste of powder, which can be taken only by administering it in the form of capsules. And there remains the downside of a much higher price.

4. Alkaline Creatine (Kre-Alkalyn)
This is in fact the same creatine monohydrate but protected with a pH buffer in order to reduce creatinine's conversion. Does not cause stomach discomfort and requires no regeneration. Its price is quite high, though, but if you can afford it then you should not hesitate.

5. Creatine Phosphate
Since we know that our body needs to convert creatine into ATP in order to supply us the much needed energy, people previously thought that creatine phosphate was the best choice to be made. However, this acceptance proved to be false. Creatine monohydrate is abosrbed easier by the body when compared to creatine phosphate. And if we think about the much higher price of this version, there are really not many many reasons to go with it.

6. Liquid Creatine (serum)
Creatine is dissolved in a liquid but as we all know, the substance is not stable in liquid medium as it easily gets converted into creatinine. As opposed to liquid aminoacids, this substance form does not work so well.

Myths about creatine. It is harmful? Are there any side effects?

Experts kept talking for a while about the side effects of creatine on persons suffering from kidneys and liver disorders. However, there have been plenty of studies which shown that a healthy person consuming creatine has no problems, on the contrary he benefits from a slight performance improvement and a reduction in bad cholesterol levels. It is true that consuming this supplement in excess leads to it being converted to creatinine which is extremely eliminated through urine, so it is now clear that people with kidney problems are advised not use creatine.

If you consume this supplement on the short or medium term without making excesses, you will definitely not encounter any problems. As you do an excess of any nature, side effects will not cease to occur.

People also talked about the fact that when you consume creatine, you are not allowed to consume caffeine, as the first one loses its effect. This statement is false. The only problem would be with the diuretic effect of coffee, but anyway when you consume such supplement is advisable to take more water so that the effect is cancelled.

Mixing creatine with juice is contraindicated because they have PH acid and then you will not notice any effects.

Do you lose pounds when you stop the creatine consumption? Partially true. Like I said, creatine leads to the retention of water in muscles. During a creatine cure you'll consume more fluids, specifically water. You'll be training harder because you will have more energy and strength. When you stop the consumption of it, you will have to tone down, but this is the effect of eliminating excess water from the body. If you will train as hard as you previously did, you will not lose any muscle mass or strength.

This is pretty much everything we could say about this supplement. A personal conclusion: I've always recommended “clean” sports. Dietary supplements are, as their name say, just supplements. So if you want performance, if you feel stagnant, then you may consider using creatine, but you must consume it wisely and avoid making any excesses. Among all types of creatine on the market, the most recommended one is creatine monohydrate. It has a good ratio quality / price, in either capsules or powder form.

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Possible Side Effects of Manuka Honey

It is generally believed that products made from 100% natural ingredients do not cause any side effects. This is true for all products that are being sold in the market. However, quite a few people are allergic to certain foods such as bee products, shellfish and even some types of plants. When these people look forward to ingesting any of the products mentioned above they are likely to display signs of a reaction. The reactions can be mild or even severe enough to prove fatal. Under the circumstances, it is important for people to get information about any side effects, which they may feel when taking products like manuka honey.

It is essential for people to understand that products made from 100% natural ingredients can also cause problems, which can be dangerous. Let us look at some of the issues that people can face.

A number of people are allergic to bee products and stings. These are actually pollen, honey and any other products made from this combination. Reactions in such cases can be from mild to severe. In such conditions people are advised to get themselves examined by a physician before deciding to take manuka honey for any reason. Not doing so will be dangerous and expose them to risks that they would do well to avoid.

Diabetics are advised to cut down on the amount of sugar they consume regularly. Manuka honey when taken in levels beyond the recommended dosage can cause blood sugar to rise. This can be dangerous for people who suffer from this condition. Under the circumstances, they will do better to stay away from products like these.

Drugs used for chemotherapy are strong and leave behind plenty of reactions on the patient. Using manuka honey at this stage is likely to cause swelling in the throat and hormonal imbalances that people would not want to become since to. Here again people are advised to have a consultation with their oncologists before taking any decision to use such products.

Apart from the three groups that have been mentioned throughout this discussion, no other reactions have been noted until the date by researchers. It is just these three groups that will have to take some precautions when looking forward to using manuka honey for the health benefits it has.

People who are in the pink of health will not face any problems and will be able to gain from the beneficial properties of this product without a hindrance. In fact, they could find manuka honey as the product that can lead them towards a better healthier life.

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No Energy? Natural Ways That Help Increase Energy

It's two in the morning, your baby is crying and you are wondering if life will ever be the same. Staying up has become a new habit because you feel like you do not have time for yourself anymore. Nap time has become a regular thing for you because you are always on the go. If it's not soccer practice, music lessons, Karate classes, or the occasional movie night with your spouse, chances are that at the end of the day you are beyond exhausted. Chances are that you are tired of the occasional person asking you when you are going to hit the gym and loose the last bit of baby fat. I do not know about you but from personal experience working out was the last thing on my mind because I was too tired! Like seriously? Who has the energy for that? Yeah I used to ask myself the same thing.

Most people experience fatigue because they are:

  1. overworked
  2. have poor sleep
  3. worry too much
  4. are bored
  5. lacking exercise
  6. suffering from anxiety and depression

These are just some, but did you know that if you are lacking certain vitamins you will have fatigue. I know you must be asking yourself, well I eat well, take supplements, and am active but why am I so tired? Well let me tell you, everyone is different. For starters try to receive all the necessary vitamins you can get. Now I am not telling you to go to the pharmacy and get the cheapest multivitamins, remember you will get what you paid for. So here are some of the vitamins that our body needs to increase energy levels:

  1. Vitamin B12- this vitamin helps with the absorption of food. It synthesis the proteins and helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates, which are all related to energy levels in the body.
  2. Vitamin B6- it's an enzyme that helps to metabolize carbs, fats, and protein.
  3. Vitamin C- helps absorb iron which is a mineral that helps increase energy levels
  4. Vitamin D- helps synthesize calcium which increases metabolism and energy levels. It also helps with the release of seratonin which increases both energy and mood levels.
  5. Vitamin E helps deliver oxygen to the cells and fight radical damage. This helps increase levels through the day.

Now vitamins are great because honestly with the busy lives we run we barely have time to cook let alone make sure that we are eating exactly what our body needs. Nutrition is not the only thing that can help fight fatigue, there are some health habits that can increase our energy levels but also our state of mind. I know that many people do not have the time to go to the gym, drive there, workout for an hour and then shower and go home or work. For most mothers this is a huge sacrifice because not only do you need to find the time but you also need to find a sitter. So walking around the block is an option. Yes you do have 10 mins of the day to walk around the block, put the baby in the stroller and enjoy yourself. Not only will you get fresh air but your baby will eventually fall sleep! Studies show that just walking for 10 mins people have increased there energy and it lasted for up to 2 hours!

Also powernaps are so important, because they reverse mind numbing effects of information overload according to the national institute of mental health. Also do not forget to eat breakfast. It helps you have a better mood and have more energy through out the day. Studies show that eating breakfast helps supply the body with a jolt of fuel. And last but not least Water. Did you know that a slight dehydration can leave you tired and lethargic? So not only will it help you with your energy levels but water has been known to help you lose weight. These simple tips are habits that everyone should create. So what are you waiting for? Do something for yourself that not only helps you have more endurance to help you be a better and healthier you, but is contagious to those around you. Do not let your lack of energy dominate your life. So make a difference and start today.

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Using Manuka Honey in a Proper Way

History has recorded that honey has not only played an important role in cultures through the world as a food product but has also been used for its medicinal properties. Manuka honey which is derived from the nectar collected by honeybees from the manuka bush contains a number of single anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, stomach healing and wound repairing properties, which are considered extremely beneficial for the human body. This far it has not received the attention it describes especially when it has the unique manuka factor. This is a healing food that is highly therapeutic and can be used both internally and externally. This product is exclusively medicinal and is being used throughout the world even to this day.

This is a product that is rich in a component that is known as unique. Glucose oxidase is the component that produces hydrogen peroxide and makes this product more powerful than other forms of honey that is available.

Apart from the healing properties, it has manuka honey is also effective in treating conditions of the stomach, which can cause plenty of discomfort to an individual. Some of the conditions spoken about are stomach ulcers, gastritis and digestive problems that have anti-inflammatory and probiotic characteristics. The antibiotic, antifungal and anti-viral properties of this product make it an effective remedy for sore throats, sinusitis, heartburn and acid reflux, heartburn, acne and even colds. A number of other conditions have also been identified as being receptive to treatments from manuka honey.

Using the product is not difficult at all as long as people have information about the proper usage of the same. This product is entirely different from commercial-grade honey that is sold locally. The medical fraternity has defined that using manuka honey that may not have been sterilized and will not serve the purpose it is being used for. Under the circumstances, people who want to use this product for the kind of medicinal value described in this discussion should be looking out for medical grade manuka honey rather than commercial grade. It is likely that they will not be able to buy such products in supermarkets. Therefore, they will have to look out for information that can lead them towards such varieties. Using the product for medicinal purposes will require some attention upon the part of people, especially when it is being used as an external application to treat wounds. If people are merely thinking about using the product because of its health benefits, they can certainly go ahead and purchase a brand that is available in the local stores. However, at no time should they be trying to imitate the medical fraternity and using locally available manuka honey for medicinal purposes.

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