How Can You Examine the Potency of Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is being eaten after by large numbers of people for the medicinal properties it contains. It has taken a long time for consumers in the United States to understand that there are various types of honey that are sold on the market. Most people did not even have an indication that a product by the name of manuka honey was even available. It was only after researchers provided this variety that people began to look out for the product. Now it is gaining in popularity as more people look forward to finding it for their consumption.

Even though there are several brands that can be seen on the shelves of supermarkets it must be understood that there is just one variety of manuka honey. This is produced by bees that use the nectar from the flowers of the manuka plant. The potency of the product depends on the amount of nectar the bees collect to make this component. Bees do not have any equipment to measure the nectar and therefore, the potency of the final product will vary. The only way by which people can understand this factor is to look for a number that will be printed upon the label on a product.

There was a time when the potency of this product would be measured by the unique manuka factor or UMF rating system. Thereafter, manufacturers have devised different methods to rate the brand they sell. Unfortunately, this has not provided consumers with a clear indication about whether the ratings stated are authentic or not. In fact, they have managed to confuse consumers rather than provide them information about a brand of their choice.

These days a new rating system is being used, which provides better information for the benefit of the consumer. Manuka honey is rated between 0 to 10, and some manufacturers even claim that they have a rating of 15. Any brand that has rated its product between 0 to 9 can be left by people because it will not be as effective as brands with higher ratings. When selecting manuka honey for consumption people must choose a product that has a minimum rating of 10. It is essential for people to remember this factor before going to buy this product for themselves or for the benefit of their family. Choosing a brand that will provide the benefits that they desire is extremely important. Any mistake in this regard will ensure that people are only wasting money for a sweetener that will prove worthless.

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Reasons Why We Only Need to Purchase the Best Tasting Whey Protein Powder

In past years, we discovered a huge development in the health industry because of the continuing increase of many individuals who desire to improve their diet through consuming whey protein supplements. Although we may reveal many types of protein supplements on the market, majority of the health experts believe that the most popular and highest protein resource is a supplement that comes from natural whey.

Of course, there are important factors why we need to choose the best tasting whey protein powder to create a delectable protein shake:

• Serves as the building block of our body

When choosing the most suitable whey protein supplement, we benefit from it because it serves as the most effective building block of our body. This kind of benefit occurs because of the presence of amino acids complex for immediate muscle recovery and development. Lately, many protein supplement-producing companies are beginning to develop numerous healthy choices for the benefit of many consumers worldwide.

• Complete supplement with natural ingredients

Including presenting amino acids to help us develop leaner muscles, natural whey protein shake incorporating natural ingredients that can safety our body without experiencing negative effects. In addition to this, this kind of product likewise features various great flavors to meet the satisfaction of countless whey protein lovers. Some of the most favorite options today include chocolate, blueberry, vanilla, banana and peanut butter.

• Great option for lactose intolerant people

The market is offering us many great protein supplements today. On the other hand, we need to decide cautiously because not all of these products are natural and healthy. It is very important that we consider the best tasting whey protein powder that is complete with the nourishment we need to remain healthy.

• Makes us money worth it

In addition to the mentioned health benefits above, the idea to purchase the best tasting whey protein powder will make our money worth it. Once we decide to spend money for this particular heath supplement, we are already guaranteeing our body with the right nourishment and nutrition. As expected, we have to be smart when we choose and must assure that the product we consider is high in quality and produce by a reputable manufacturer on the market. We have to educate ourselves not to invest money for low quality protein supplements, which many fake advertisements are promoting to us.

We can always discover many possible health supplements that originate from pure whey protein. Just like when we research online, we can find these products within a few minutes of proper researches. Because of this advantage, it is very important that we evaluate the labels of these supplements before investing our money. We have to choose what is suitable for our overall body system and must not affect the functionality of our body parts when we consume it regularly.

Lastly, some of us may not have the ability to decide for the best protein powder made from natural whey. These people can actually seek professional advice to help them on this subject matter and get the exact supplement on the market.

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The Benefits of Manuka Honey Explained

People all over the world are now looking at alternative therapies in order to deal with health conditions. They have become aware about the harmful side effects, which are left behind when using pharmaceutical grade medicines that are prescribed to them by doctors. Today it is not difficult to find a number of people taking health and dietary supplements in order to lead a healthy life. Manuka honey is one such product, which is fast gaining in popularity. Information is available about how this product can offer a number of benefits. This is due the reason why more people are turning towards this product and looking forward to using it regularly. What is the benefit that manuka honey can offer?

Honey of any variety is a good substitute for sugar and therefore, extremely helpful for diabetics. People generally choose the commonly available varieties without understanding that honey from the manuka bush is a better product. When people choose this product, they give them an opportunity to benefit in a number of ways apart from keeping sugar levels under control.

The immune system of the body causes a number of people to fall prey to infections that can cause anxiety. Helping the immune system to improve is one of the benefits, which is available from manuka honey. This ensures that people do not get infected by some of the most common illnesses, which can regularly be seen.

Problems with indigestion are something that is faced by large numbers of people. These are conditions where the digestive tract becomes infected with bad bacteria and leaves an individual feeling bloated. People facing these conditions can also depend upon this product for relief.

Boosting strength and endurance among individuals is another benefit that can be offered by this brand of honey. Plenty of people feel that they do not have the strength required to carry out everyday activities or find themselves unable to remain active throughout the day. Research has confirmed that manuka honey can boost strength and endurance naturally.

It also has a number of antioxidants that can deal aggressively with free radicals in the body and provide support to the user.

Medical practitioners are known to use it to deal with topical wounds, burns and even conditions of skin that may need attention.

Researchers are still trying to understand about how it can be used to deal with conditions of the health that would be serious. Therefore, it can be said that the benefits of Manuka Honey are endless. As time passes by more information could be available to the benefit of mankind.

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The Healing Powers of Honey

Honey has been used from the 19th century to treat a number of conditions affecting the human body. It was not until the latter part of the century that it was discovered that honey also had natural antibacterial qualities. Honey can protect against damage that is caused by bacteria. It also stimulates production of special cells within the body that can repair the damage caused by infections and other problems. This component has an action which is termed as anti-inflammatory and can quickly reduce pain and inflammation upon being applied on the affected area.

This information can lead people to believe that all honey which is available in the market is the same. Unfortunately, this is not true because the antibacterial quality of the honey depends upon several factors. The time of harvesting, when it was harvested and how the harvesting took place play an important role in determining whether this component is dominant or not. There are some products, which are confirmed as being 100% more powerful than the others. Let us look at the variety that is confirmed as the better product in the market.

Manuka Honey is not only termed being 100% more powerful than other products but is also known as one of nature's best foods. It has powerful antibacterial properties, which can not be found in other products that are available. All varieties of honey available in the market have antibacterial properties but they are known not to be stable and lose most of their effects when being harvested. On the contrary, manuka honey is more stable in the antibacterial properties it contains. Moreover, when it is harvested correctly it becomes one of nature's best cleansers and natural boosters for the human body. It contains non-peroxide activity, which is also referred to as NPA and is reputed to be the talk of the world as a number of companies have attempted to harness its power.

In order to benefit from this powerful competent the product has to be sourced from the only place where it is harvested. Today it can be said that a number of manufacturers would be trying to sell products under this brand name by using techniques to manufacture the same by adulterating other varieties. It must be understood that such products do not contain the potency seen in the original. Therefore, people must be careful when looking for Manuka Honey and look for the best product available before buying the same. Any mistake in this regard will only prove disastrous to the purchasers.

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8 Ways to Slip Into a Healthier Lifestyle and Maintain It With Ease

It can be very difficult to try to stay healthy in today's world. Temptations to stray from your healthy lifestyle are everywhere. Fast food chains, quick and easy processed foods, and even modern technology can keep you from eating well and staying active. Promoting a healthy lifestyle can be done with ease if you keep a few things in mind.

Do not hesitate to choose healthier food options. When confronted with a food choice, you should automatically make the obvious healthy choice. Hesitation can lead you straight into a struggle with yourself. If it means highlighting the more healthy choices on a takeout menu to draw your eye to them, then do so. Do not erase all your hard work with a silly mistake.

Do not lament what you do not have at first. Some people backslide on their healthy lifestyles right away because they begin thinking of all the things that used to try them. Keep these things out of your reach and try not to obsess about them. You do not have these things because they are dangerous to your health. Remember this when you begin thinking of taking the easy way out. After a while, you will not even think of them anymore.

Surround yourself with more all-natural products. Treating yourself to all-natural products can make you feel as though you are pampering yourself. From facial products to what you put into your body, you will be supporting the environment and your efforts to keep your body free and clear of harmful chemicals.

Take a supplement to fill the gaps. After consulting with your doctor, you can take supplements to help you fill the nutritional gaps that you are missing with your diet. Supplements support your healthy lifestyle and can make a great difference in your overall health. Buy all-natural supplements that do not have fillers or synthetics materials.

Have a treat once in a while. For special occasions, there is no reason you can not have a small treat. Of course, you do not want to over indulge, but a small slice of cake on a birthday will not hurt you. If you feel that you will not be able to control yourself, make sure there is not any more for you to get a hold of. Give all of your leftovers away after parties, share a candy bar, or throw the rest away.

Banish negative thoughts and stay positive. While it may seem difficult at first to adjust to your new lifestyle, negative thoughts will only make things harder. Encourage yourself with positive thoughts. Replace every negative thought with two positive ones to keep yourself moving in the right direction to a better life.

Remind yourself of the reasons for your choices when confronted with temptation. When you do not want to get moving or feel as though you can not live through another day without a huge bag of chips at your side, remind yourself why you are making these efforts. Is it to live a longer and healthier life? Is it simply to fit into new clothes or feel young again? Those opportunities will disappear if you do not take opportunities to improve.

Keep a journal of the changes that you feel. When you start to see a difference in your life, you will begin feeling one, too. Write all of the positive changes happening to you down in a journal. When you are feeling discouraged, read through your journal to see how far you've come.

Every single little choice, thought, and action will lead up to a great change in your life. While some of them will feel huge, in reality these things are highly psychological in nature. You can achieve a better life just by focusing and staying positive.

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How the Best Raw Whey Protein Can Help Us Reach Our Health and Fitness Goal

Of the many available supplements on the market, whey protein is the most popular choice when it comes to bodybuilding. It is possible to consume this type of supplement as a delectable protein shake that is complete with essential nutrient. However, it is very important to evaluate the best option that guarantees healthy and natural ingredients to keep the body healthy.

Although not all of us can determine the health benefits of a natural supplement like raw whey protein, we can say that the great recognition of this product is getting much more serious because the people are improving their diet with this healthy option. The great advancement of the Internet likewise opened the door to countless novice and experienced fitness enthusiasts to discover the best options made from natural whey.

Important reminders why raw or organic whey protein is a remarkable choice:

• Excellent option when building leaner muscles

The latest whey organic protein beverages and smoothies are the most popular choices for many people who desire to develop leaner muscles. They believe that by consuming the right amount of natural protein each day, it is easier for them to improve their stamina and reveal impressive muscle development. This kind of advantage is what many health experts across the globe believe as well.

• Dissolves easily without feeling stomach discomfort

It is also possible that we lose weight by taking this type of supplement. Because of presenting essential protein and vitamins, it is easier for our digestive system to dissolve the nutrient without experiencing stomach discomfort. Moreover, an organic protein shake does not contain harmful substances like unhealthy fats and extreme amount of carbohydrates that can impair the overall health of our body. We can also defeat hunger because consuming a glass of healthy protein shake can regulate our appetite effectively.

• Increases our stamina when performing exercises

We can likewise benefit from consuming natural protein supplement through improving our energy to keep us active until we complete our regular exercises. We have to remember that this is an important factor to help our muscles recuperate better and prevent soreness. With the presence of glycogen when taking this particular supplement, it is easier for our body to recover and repair the damaged tissue cells without difficulty. The exact nourishment we get from consuming raw whey protein shake can definitely help us complete our health and fitness goal.

Always remember that we can definitely reveal various health benefits from consuming the best whey protein shake out there. It is very important that we reveal these benefits by reviewing the exact details on the product's label. We must be able to understand all the details before we decide to include this remarkable supplement in our regular diet plan. Furthermore, we have to choose the exact product that mixes well in water, fresh juices or milk without any disappointing aftertaste. We need to remember this important matter to avoid wasting money and time.

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What Is Manuka Honey Used For?

The antibacterial and healing properties of honey are well-known. It has been used to treat a number of health conditions because of the antibacterial agents it has. Now researchers claim that they have found another product, which is 100 times better and can deal with a number of conditions in a better way. This product is known as manuka honey and is considered as a great antibacterial component. The major antibacterial component in manuka honey is known as methylglyoxal (MG) which is a compound found in most types of honey but only in small quantities. In this product, the content is higher because of the manuka flowers which are used for collecting the honey by bees.

This product is known to be used to create minor wounds and burns. It is also marketed as a good alternative therapy to treat other conditions which people could have affected with. Let us look at some of the conditions, which can be treated with manuka honey.

It is believed that manuka honey can act as a preventive measure and also provide treatment against cancer. High-cholesterol level is a problem which is faced by large numbers of people through the world. This product can bring down a high level of LDL cholesterol, which is harmful. It can reduce systemic inflammation while also treating conditions with diabetes.

People with sinus infections are known to have reported improvements in their condition after using manuka honey as a remedy. It can also provide relief from eye and ear infections, which can commonly be seen among people. It is also able to deal with gastrointestinal problems thereby providing relief for people who have trouble with their digestive system. The product that is used to deal with wounds is referred to as medical grade honey. It is particularly sterilized to be used as a dressing. Therefore, it must not be mistaken for the manuka honey which could be lying in the kitchen. Medical practitioners use a different variety of the product when treating wounds and other injuries. It is also suggested that people do not use this product without advice from a medical practitioner.

The list about how this product can be used to treat different conditions is endless. People will have to conduct research to understand more about how this product can prove useful to their requirements. It is also essential for people to buy products, which are truly authentic and not fall for brands, which are promoted by the same name. People will only be able to benefit from the properties of this product if they manage to find a product from the land of manuka flowers. If not, they will have wasted their money on something, which will not be the original.

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Extracts From Propolis May Have Anti-Cancer Activity

Cancer is a dreaded disease and feared by all people through the world. The cost of treating cancer is highly prohibitive apart from the anxiety that is involved during the treatment. Earlier people with such diseases often gave up after listening to a diagnosis about their body being affected by cancer. Fortunately, things have changed for the better, and it is now possible to obtain treatment even though the costs continue to remain high. In such conditions would it not be better for people to think about preventive measures that can keep them away from this disease altogether? It is possible that people may not have information about such preventive alternatives, but it is certainly possible to prevent cancer in present-day conditions.

In a study conducted in 2009, the report of which is available from the oncology department a group of scientists tried to understand wherever ethanol extracts of propolis can inhibit cells of colon cancer in humans. They were successful in determining that a particular propolis extract did have to induce apoptosis, which is also known as complete death of the cells within 72 hours of an individual being given the same.

The report went further to say that ethanol extracts of propolis have components, which may contain anti-cancer activity of the colon. Similar studies were also conducted to understand whether propolis can inhibit cells of pancreatic cancer. The results were no different from the tests carried out earlier. They proved that propolis did not just have the ability to treat cancer but also act as a preventive measure for those who had a family history of the same.

As of this moment, this product is not being recommended during or after the treatment of cancer has been carried out. This is because it could cause hormonal imbalances, which may not be desired. Therefore, it is clear that proper scientific research will have to be connected before it can be called as an effective anti-cancer remedy. The indications about propolis being a good antibacterial compound is definitely available. Therefore, it can be assumed that scientists will make all efforts to ensure that the beneficial properties of this component will be used to deal with such cases sometimes in the future. Sometimes the day will soon arrive when such products will be used to treat active cases of cancer apart from being offered as a natural precautionary measure for people who could be susceptible to the problem.

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Propolis Is a Supplement That Promotes Bone Health

A number of people in America and all over the world suffer from problems with their bones. The conditions vary from fractures and bruises to issues with their joints. All people under such conditions are required to obtain treatment from a medical practitioner. The costs in such cases can be debilitating and the time taken for a full recovery be extended. The problems are even worse for people who suffer from conditions like osteoarthritis. Can such people find an option which will help them better?

Earlier, it was believed that people suffering from osteoarthritis did not have any option but to depend upon the medications provided to them by their physician. They had to bear with the soreness out stiffness of the joints or continue to take the medications provided regularly. People with fractures had to wait patiently until the cast was removed and continue to bear the pain even thereafter for sometime. This is a clear indicator that people were not recovering fast enough and had to depend on pharmaceutical grade medicines for relief.

Things would have been a lot better if people took propolis supplements from a young age because it would have improved their bone mineral density and histological evaluation scores. These factors would have helped them recover faster and lead a less painful life when stuck by an injury or problems like osteoarthritis.

People with fractures will have no option but to take the treatment advised in the initial stages. However, they could certainly have seen an improvement in their condition faster if they had chosen to take supplements of propolis from an early age. This is not just a statement which is made to encourage people to take supplements like these. It is a fact that has been confirmed by research and proven that significant improvements in bone mineral density can be seen among people who take such products.

The study that was conducted revealed that propolis had some beneficial effects, which were time-dependent. They allowed individuals to recover faster from injuries or conditions, which left them with plenty of discomfort. Under the circumstances, that is no reason why people should avoid including such products within their regular diet.

Plenty of research has been carried out by scientists to prove this factor. It is there advised that people beginning taking propolis supplements from an early age to keep themselves in good health and also become capable of recovering faster when stuck by such problems.

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Propolis Supplements May Help In Dealing With Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is a problem which is faced by many people through the world. This is often related to consuming unhygienic foodstuff and can cause plenty of problems, which can even result in death. Medical practitioners have devised several methods by which this problem can be treated. However, they do not have any control over the type of foods which people prefer to have. Under the circumstances, they are left with no options but to treat people who suffer from this issue.

Generally, medical practitioners use a variety of drugs to take care of the problem. E.coli Is one of the organisms, which causes food poisoning, which often leads to the death of the infected individual. Such cases are found all over the world and in particular, in North Africa where the problem is pronounced. In such cases, one does not understand why medical practitioners do not recommend using propolis supplements to deal with the issue. This bacterium can cause serious infections of food poisoning and is responsible for a number of product recalls by manufacturers throughout the world.

Recently, scientists decided to understand whether they could find a remedy against the E. coli bacteria and exposed 23 different samples of propolis from a particular country to the virus. It is well-known that propolis has antibacterial properties, which can prove helpful to humans. The research that was conducted revealed that seven of the 23 strains of the bacteria reacted positively to the antibacterial activity from propolis. The country from where the samples were procured is not known for a clean or unpolluted atmosphere. This could have been the reason why researchers could not find better results than stated. Neverheless, the researchers concluded that the study clearly indicated that propolis could indeed be used to create formulas for the treatment of food poisoning caused by E.coli.

Does this indicate that propolis can indeed prove effective when dealing with cases of food poisoning? Unfortunately, no decisive evidence is still available since the research that has been carried out. More research will have to be communicated before propolis can be defined as a measure against cases of food poisoning caused by E.coli.

It is possible that researchers could have derived better results if they had chosen propolis from countries that have a high standard of hygiene along with an unpolluted atmosphere. It can be said with a degree of certainty that products from such countries would have far more potent and allow researchers to extract best results. For the moment, people will have to wait for some more time until they can hear better news about this problem. However, the results are certainly positive and could lead to better things in the future for all.

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How to Take Propolis Supplements Without Fear?

As the popularity of propolis supplements increases by the day, more people are looking forward to taking them for the health benefits they offer. People feel that since this is a product which is made from totally natural ingredients, they do not have to take any precautions before beginning to use the supplements. This is generally not the case because people will be required to understand the product they purchase apart from understanding how it can be used in a proper way.

First, they will have to ensure that they buy a product which is manufactured by a reputed manufacturer in the world. Products from South Asia and even North America should be avoided at all costs because they are known to have contaminants within them. People who choose such products will not benefit from the same but will only be wasting money for something, which will prove worthless. People are advised to conduct research and try to find companies that are located in unpolluted areas of the world before they go ahead with a purchase.

People must never be under the impression that all products made from natural ingredients will leave no side-effects behind. It is true that most products are safe to use, but some like propolis can cause adverse reactions on people who could be allergic to bee stains and pollen. People who have no information about such matters should contact an expert before deciding to use the product. Not doing so will expose them to problems, which can even prove fatal.

Quite a few people are required to take medications for underlying causes such as diabetes, hypertension and other problems. These people too will be required to contact their physician before beginning to take propolis supplements. While interactions with drugs have not been recorded it is always better for people to remain safe and ensure that they do not come to any harm.

It will be even better if people look out for a company which is involved in this business for quite some time. Such companies will be able to provide all information that people need and could even offer them advise, about whether they should use such products or not. People will then get an opportunity to leave their fear behind and begin to take the supplements without any worries. These are precautions which people must take when thinking about using supplements of any kind. It does not matter whether the product chosen is a supplement made by the best manufacturer in the world. People must understand how they can take their choice without the fear of side-effects or reactions before they purchase the product.

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Propolis Is Not The Average Bee Product You Can Find

If you have an impression that you have all the information that is required about bees and the products they offer, you will do well to reconsider your decision. It is well-known that bee propolis is good for the hive. However, it is even better for you. Therefore, you will have to rethink and look forward to gathering more information about this particular product.

Propolis is similar to super glue that you can find in a supermarket. Honeybees need to make this compound themselves because they can not shop around like you do. They use the resin from trees and mix it together with secretions from different trees along with beeswax before producing from a thick and sticky substance which is today called propolis. Honey bees use this compound to seal their hives and protect it from external attacks that can happen because of bacteria and fungi.

It is important for honeybees to indulge in this activity because it keeps any invaders out of their hive. They seal the hive to ensure that it has only one way in and out. They ensure that lizards, flies and other insects can not enter the hive because of the sticky substance at the entrance. They easily trap bacteria and fungi that attempt to enter the hive thereby keeping themself safe.

Now consider a situation where your body has been invaded by creatures that you consider harmful. Your body is similar to a medicine cabinet and will have to be made immune from invasions of the type described in this discussion. You will have to do everything possible to keep illnesses and infections away from you. This objective can only be achieved if you decide to safeguard your body with help coming from bee propolis supplements.

You will have to begin taking supplements of propolis from an early age because this will give you the immunity you need. Taking propolis supplements will not only make your body stronger but will also give it the ability to fight infections, which can bother you even because of seasonal factors. You will not have any difficulties in finding a number of bee products being sold in the market. However, you would have to make a choice and select a product which will be different from the rest. Propolis is a good fighter against bacteria and fungal infections. You can easily achieve your objective of remaining away from such problems by simply taking propolis supplements regularly.

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Bee Propolis Supplements – Are They All Equal?

When looking at bee propolis supplements it would be natural for people to believe that all products available in the market are created equal. This is partly because of the ignorance that people have about products like these. There is a misconception among people who such products are all equal, and therefore, they need not worry about the qualities. Unfortunately, they do not understand that there are different types of propolis supplements, which are sold. One is the regular variety which is offered by most companies. The other is an even better version and only offered by some. Let us look at but versions that are available.

Honey bees collect resins from the bark of trees, leaves and plants, including buds and other botanical sources. They then combine the same with their own secretions to create the sticky substance known as propolis. This is the common variety that is available in the market. However, another product which is not spoken about often is the one that is made from the hard casing of bee pollen. This is the grade of propolis, which is considered better and is used purely for medicinal opens.

This grade contains an anti-viral and an antibiotic agent which helps the beehive to create a sterile environment to stop the spread of infections in the colony of bees. They ensure that various insects or organizations that enter the beehive do not get an opportunity to leave the same and die within the hive. This compound is made from the hard casings of bee pollen and is an effective variety to deal with such issues.

It is the second variety with its potent antibiotic and anti-viral property that is more beneficial for humans and the medical fraternity. It is now being examined as a potential alternative to chemical antibiotics and in certain cases, a component that can make the chemical antibiotics more effective.

This substance has a dark-brown color but is also available in shades of red and green. The common variety that is available can be used as supplements, but it is the finer grade that is today being used for medicinal purposes.

It is possible that the finer variety will not be sold in supermarkets. However people who want to use this product can definitely buy the same directly from the manufacturer. They can rest assured that their choice will be delivered to them within a short time after placing in order. However at no time should people consider that propolis products are equal.

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Resins From Trees Is the Raw Material Used in Making Propolis

The story about how propolis is made by bees is quite different and unlike the way bee pollen is collected. Propolis contains a number of polyphenols which can also be found in bee pollen. However, the quantity found in propolis is much higher than the other. Bees use pollen as food. However, the propolis is collected for a different reason. The objective of collecting the resin is simple and that is to prepare the glue like substance, which is used by bees to seal their hives.

Trees produce resins to protect themselves from external attacks from insects and parasites. Whenever they are attacked by these organisms, the tree releases the resin to seal off the area and even kill the insects and the larvae which could be infecting it. It acts as a protective measure against ultraviolet rays from the sunlight. Ultraviolet rays can also cause free radicals, and the resin produced by trees act as an antioxidant to deal with this issue. Bees were perhaps quick to understand the powers of resin produced by trees and decided to use the same for their own benefit.

When bees collect the resin from the plants, it undergoes a change and is turned into a glue like substance, which contains other materials such as pollen, beeswax and nectar. It is used to seal the entrances of the beehives to protect the newborn larvae from external attacks.

The use of propolis to deal with conditions related to humans dates back centuries. The Egyptians even used this product to mummify bodies apart from using it as a remedy against skin disorders. In modern times, it has been noted that tribals in rain-forests have also been using propolis for a variety of reasons. It has been only recently that people living in the cities have been able to lay their hands on this product after being promoted by major manufacturers.

Even today there are no indications available to show that propolis will be produced by manufacturers in clinical laboratories at sometime in the future. This product will stay as the sole domain of honey bees, and it will have to be collected by them before being converted into the compound which is now available to people. Some manufacturers have claimed that they have discovered methods to extract the material required at their facilities. However, no evidence is available about whether such products will prove helpful to humanity.

Propolis is a natural substance, and it is best that it is not tampered with. The procedure is best left to the original producers of this product, and that is the honeybees that have been producing it from centuries.

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Propolis – An Overview

These days one can observe a number of people talking about propolis and how they have benefited by using this supplement. In most cases people hear about the product, make a few inquiries and begin using it without really understanding what it contains. People are not doing themselves any harm by choosing to take this product. However, they are making the mistake of ignoring some information, which will help them better. Let us understand what propolis is and how it can help every individual who decides to take it.

This is a material which looks like resin and is found in the buds of cone bearing trees and the poplar. The resin is rarely found in the purest form and is generally obtained from beehives. This indicates that it also contains other bee products.

The medicinal use of propolis was first recorded from ancient times. Propolis was used by the Greeks and the Egyptians to treat a number of conditions. It is believed that propolis contains a number of properties, which can prove helpful to humans. Therefore, research to understand how it can benefit humans is ongoing.

Propolis is used as a treatment for canker sores and other infections caused by bacteria. The most common among the infections are colds, flu, swine flu and other problems, which are caused by bacteria. People are known to apply propolis directly on the skin to clean wounds and other injuries which they may have picked up. It is also used as a topical application to deal with problems like genital herpes.

Producers marketing this product have also found uses for the same in cosmetics that are taken out by large numbers of people.

Propolis seems to be active against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is believed that it also has anti-inflammatory properties and can make the skin heal faster.

Promoters of some brands have even stated that it can be used as an effective treatment against nose and throat cancer, cancer sores and tuberculosis. However, the medical fraternity claims that more research needs to be connected before any decision in this regard can be confirmed. History has confirmed that propolis is indeed a product which can prove extremely helpful when trying to deal with common infections, inflammation and problems with the skin. The product has no side effects or any record of interactions with other medications that people could be taking.

This is information that people should be looking forward to gathering before making a decision about taking propolis supplements for their benefits.

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