It's two in the morning, your baby is crying and you are wondering if life will ever be the same. Staying up has become a new habit because you feel like you do not have time for yourself anymore. Nap time has become a regular thing for you because you are always on the go. If it's not soccer practice, music lessons, Karate classes, or the occasional movie night with your spouse, chances are that at the end of the day you are beyond exhausted. Chances are that you are tired of the occasional person asking you when you are going to hit the gym and loose the last bit of baby fat. I do not know about you but from personal experience working out was the last thing on my mind because I was too tired! Like seriously? Who has the energy for that? Yeah I used to ask myself the same thing.

Most people experience fatigue because they are:

  1. overworked
  2. have poor sleep
  3. worry too much
  4. are bored
  5. lacking exercise
  6. suffering from anxiety and depression

These are just some, but did you know that if you are lacking certain vitamins you will have fatigue. I know you must be asking yourself, well I eat well, take supplements, and am active but why am I so tired? Well let me tell you, everyone is different. For starters try to receive all the necessary vitamins you can get. Now I am not telling you to go to the pharmacy and get the cheapest multivitamins, remember you will get what you paid for. So here are some of the vitamins that our body needs to increase energy levels:

  1. Vitamin B12- this vitamin helps with the absorption of food. It synthesis the proteins and helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates, which are all related to energy levels in the body.
  2. Vitamin B6- it's an enzyme that helps to metabolize carbs, fats, and protein.
  3. Vitamin C- helps absorb iron which is a mineral that helps increase energy levels
  4. Vitamin D- helps synthesize calcium which increases metabolism and energy levels. It also helps with the release of seratonin which increases both energy and mood levels.
  5. Vitamin E helps deliver oxygen to the cells and fight radical damage. This helps increase levels through the day.

Now vitamins are great because honestly with the busy lives we run we barely have time to cook let alone make sure that we are eating exactly what our body needs. Nutrition is not the only thing that can help fight fatigue, there are some health habits that can increase our energy levels but also our state of mind. I know that many people do not have the time to go to the gym, drive there, workout for an hour and then shower and go home or work. For most mothers this is a huge sacrifice because not only do you need to find the time but you also need to find a sitter. So walking around the block is an option. Yes you do have 10 mins of the day to walk around the block, put the baby in the stroller and enjoy yourself. Not only will you get fresh air but your baby will eventually fall sleep! Studies show that just walking for 10 mins people have increased there energy and it lasted for up to 2 hours!

Also powernaps are so important, because they reverse mind numbing effects of information overload according to the national institute of mental health. Also do not forget to eat breakfast. It helps you have a better mood and have more energy through out the day. Studies show that eating breakfast helps supply the body with a jolt of fuel. And last but not least Water. Did you know that a slight dehydration can leave you tired and lethargic? So not only will it help you with your energy levels but water has been known to help you lose weight. These simple tips are habits that everyone should create. So what are you waiting for? Do something for yourself that not only helps you have more endurance to help you be a better and healthier you, but is contagious to those around you. Do not let your lack of energy dominate your life. So make a difference and start today.