Manuka honey is being eaten after by large numbers of people for the medicinal properties it contains. It has taken a long time for consumers in the United States to understand that there are various types of honey that are sold on the market. Most people did not even have an indication that a product by the name of manuka honey was even available. It was only after researchers provided this variety that people began to look out for the product. Now it is gaining in popularity as more people look forward to finding it for their consumption.

Even though there are several brands that can be seen on the shelves of supermarkets it must be understood that there is just one variety of manuka honey. This is produced by bees that use the nectar from the flowers of the manuka plant. The potency of the product depends on the amount of nectar the bees collect to make this component. Bees do not have any equipment to measure the nectar and therefore, the potency of the final product will vary. The only way by which people can understand this factor is to look for a number that will be printed upon the label on a product.

There was a time when the potency of this product would be measured by the unique manuka factor or UMF rating system. Thereafter, manufacturers have devised different methods to rate the brand they sell. Unfortunately, this has not provided consumers with a clear indication about whether the ratings stated are authentic or not. In fact, they have managed to confuse consumers rather than provide them information about a brand of their choice.

These days a new rating system is being used, which provides better information for the benefit of the consumer. Manuka honey is rated between 0 to 10, and some manufacturers even claim that they have a rating of 15. Any brand that has rated its product between 0 to 9 can be left by people because it will not be as effective as brands with higher ratings. When selecting manuka honey for consumption people must choose a product that has a minimum rating of 10. It is essential for people to remember this factor before going to buy this product for themselves or for the benefit of their family. Choosing a brand that will provide the benefits that they desire is extremely important. Any mistake in this regard will ensure that people are only wasting money for a sweetener that will prove worthless.