Cancer is a dreaded disease and feared by all people through the world. The cost of treating cancer is highly prohibitive apart from the anxiety that is involved during the treatment. Earlier people with such diseases often gave up after listening to a diagnosis about their body being affected by cancer. Fortunately, things have changed for the better, and it is now possible to obtain treatment even though the costs continue to remain high. In such conditions would it not be better for people to think about preventive measures that can keep them away from this disease altogether? It is possible that people may not have information about such preventive alternatives, but it is certainly possible to prevent cancer in present-day conditions.

In a study conducted in 2009, the report of which is available from the oncology department a group of scientists tried to understand wherever ethanol extracts of propolis can inhibit cells of colon cancer in humans. They were successful in determining that a particular propolis extract did have to induce apoptosis, which is also known as complete death of the cells within 72 hours of an individual being given the same.

The report went further to say that ethanol extracts of propolis have components, which may contain anti-cancer activity of the colon. Similar studies were also conducted to understand whether propolis can inhibit cells of pancreatic cancer. The results were no different from the tests carried out earlier. They proved that propolis did not just have the ability to treat cancer but also act as a preventive measure for those who had a family history of the same.

As of this moment, this product is not being recommended during or after the treatment of cancer has been carried out. This is because it could cause hormonal imbalances, which may not be desired. Therefore, it is clear that proper scientific research will have to be connected before it can be called as an effective anti-cancer remedy. The indications about propolis being a good antibacterial compound is definitely available. Therefore, it can be assumed that scientists will make all efforts to ensure that the beneficial properties of this component will be used to deal with such cases sometimes in the future. Sometimes the day will soon arrive when such products will be used to treat active cases of cancer apart from being offered as a natural precautionary measure for people who could be susceptible to the problem.