Royal Jelly is considered to be a health supplement which can help people with a number of issues. Questions have also been asked about whether it can prove helpful in improving fertility, especially among women. The product is being used both by men and women to improve virility, fertility, sperm count and increase libido. Does this mean that these products are also useful in dealing with issues of conception?

Research conducted has revealed that royal jelly may have effects that are similar to estrogen. It can prove extremely helpful for women who could be low on estrogen levels. Therefore, it is being believed that the product would be useful in improving fertility among women. However, it must be stated that medical advice must be bought before going to take Royal jelly supplements.

Men have also been using this product in order to increase their endurance, strength and libido and consider this to be a product which is extremely useful. However, men have other options available to them while women do not. It is for this reason that the product is being promoted as a fertility treatment among females.

Studies that have been conducted on humans are few and therefore, the medical fraternity has not been able to give out a definite conclusion about whether this product is helpful or has any impact when dealing with such issues. Clinical trials conducted on animals have certainly proved effective as the animals used during the trial showed improvements that looked positive.

Similar studies were conducted to understand whether men could also achieve some success in this regard. The test was conducted on rabbits that showed an immense improvement in their testosterone, which was recorded at 142%. A change in their sperm count was also noted and recorded at around 65%. This led scientists to believe that royal jelly supplements did not have certain properties, which would help increase fertility among women and libido among men.

The ability of Royal jelly supplements to help in this regard is apart from the other benefits that are also available to people who decide to take them.

This can be called a positive development for many people who are struggling with issues like these. Men who face such issues can find other methods such as TRT but for women this is the only option which is today being recommended. Therefore, this information should send a sense of cheer among women who are facing problems with fertility.