Bees create a compound called propolis which they use as a glue or a cement to seal and repair their hives. It was believed that this compound was not useful to humans in the early days. Research conducted subsequently has revealed that this compound has a lot more to give to the human population and is not something, which can be ignored.

The propolis is collected from plants by bees to prepare this compound. It is available in the saps of a tree and is collected by the bees who return to the hive to convert the same into propolis with the help of pollen, wax and nectar.

History records that the Greeks and Romans had some information about the valuable properties of the substance, but this information seems to have gone missing for a number of centuries. Changes were seen only after people began looking out for healing substances that were natural and researchers began looking at propolis as an alternative healing agent.

Bees do not collect this material just for sealing their hives. Propolis contributes in a large way and proves invaluable for the hive. Bacterial and fungal infections can destroy a hive completely. Propolis acts as a defensive mechanism and keeps the hive discharged from infections like these. Bees just use the material by rubbing themselves with the compound to stay free from infections which can affect them.

Propolis has been used to treat minor skin wounds apart from burns, which affect people. In such cases, it would be a topical application which would also act as a fungicide. The anti-inflammatory properties it contains contain help in reducing swelling and irritation. The benefits are even better if people decide to take oral supplements, which are also available. They contain a number of vitamins and minerals, which are believed to help improve the immune system of the body.

There are quite a few infections, which affect humans regularly. One ailment for which no cure has still been discovered is herpes, which affects large numbers of people through the world. This infection does not respond to conventional medication. However, there is evidence to show that supplements of bee propolis can be effective in dealing with such conditions.

There are a number of other infections, which also affect people. Researchers have concluded that bee propolis is one product, which can act as common alternative remedy against such issues. People will only have to begin using the supplement to benefit from the highly potent properties of the same.