When looking at bee propolis supplements it would be natural for people to believe that all products available in the market are created equal. This is partly because of the ignorance that people have about products like these. There is a misconception among people who such products are all equal, and therefore, they need not worry about the qualities. Unfortunately, they do not understand that there are different types of propolis supplements, which are sold. One is the regular variety which is offered by most companies. The other is an even better version and only offered by some. Let us look at but versions that are available.

Honey bees collect resins from the bark of trees, leaves and plants, including buds and other botanical sources. They then combine the same with their own secretions to create the sticky substance known as propolis. This is the common variety that is available in the market. However, another product which is not spoken about often is the one that is made from the hard casing of bee pollen. This is the grade of propolis, which is considered better and is used purely for medicinal opens.

This grade contains an anti-viral and an antibiotic agent which helps the beehive to create a sterile environment to stop the spread of infections in the colony of bees. They ensure that various insects or organizations that enter the beehive do not get an opportunity to leave the same and die within the hive. This compound is made from the hard casings of bee pollen and is an effective variety to deal with such issues.

It is the second variety with its potent antibiotic and anti-viral property that is more beneficial for humans and the medical fraternity. It is now being examined as a potential alternative to chemical antibiotics and in certain cases, a component that can make the chemical antibiotics more effective.

This substance has a dark-brown color but is also available in shades of red and green. The common variety that is available can be used as supplements, but it is the finer grade that is today being used for medicinal purposes.

It is possible that the finer variety will not be sold in supermarkets. However people who want to use this product can definitely buy the same directly from the manufacturer. They can rest assured that their choice will be delivered to them within a short time after placing in order. However at no time should people consider that propolis products are equal.